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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Antibiotics R Bad 'Cept When They Ain't, But I'm Gonna Whine About it Anyway

    Remember that Strep thing we had going over here and how we had to all get antibiotics to stave off the possibility of rheumatic fever because Strep likes to make me feel like dying?

    Anybody ever tell you about how antibiotics unnaturally lower your body's immune system and leave you weaker to subsequent infections?

    You guessed it, I'm sick again. But only because my systems weren't operating at their peak performance. Everyone else in the family is fine, but me, no. I have to have severe bronchitis. *rolls eyes*

    See, it's like this. When we were finishing up those antibiotics, the autumn pollen counts went up and I got the sniffles. I don't have allergies like most people, I just sniffle a little. But with the end of the antibiotics, and my body's recent reliance on them instead of it's own systems, little innocent and usually harmless germs got into my lungs and threw a party. Vital bits of my lungs are trying to swell shut and fill with gunk and I can't do anything about it besides sleeping nearly upright and taking lots of symptom-allieving drugs. *sigh*

    Of course, I feel better today than I did yesterday because ephedrine is my little friend who forces my lungs to open up, so I went shopping.

    We have a rebate for a free toy, so we went to buy it so we could get the money back later. Came home, opened the packages, played with the toys, set them to charge up and read the rebate form again. The toys go back tomorrow. We have to send in different information and they will send us the toys later. At least we know how they work now. *chuckle*

    Gah. Remind me not to read important paperwork when I'm ill, okay?

    So we got the muffins Keebler baked earlier (apple cinnamon crumble and bananna nut mixed is really yummy) ready and went to The Radish for the potluck. I'm miserable, but not contagious. They were closed. We had to come back home, do the evening chores, and go to bed.

    While I was checking my blogs (the ones I read) for the night, I noticed that a really good friend of mine and a complete stranger had blogged about me today. I may feel like a bucket of stewed eels, but at least I'm loved. *smile*

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    Andrea said...

    I think it's gonna be a yucky winter. I've been sick for going on a month now. Can't afford a doctor so no antibiotics but I don't think it would help anyway. This is just one virus after another as far as I can tell. I've heard if your snot is green you need antibiotics but if it's yellow you have a virus and they won't help.

    Last year I managed to get over pneumonia without any antibiotics. I did go to the doctor only to find that my prescription was over two hundred dollars so it never got filled.

    lovelife said...

    So sorry you are sick.
    and yes you are such a cool Blogger keep it up. Gives me some good info to read every day that you post.

    TheRambleman said...

    "You guessed it, I'm sick again."

    Oh, geeze, so sorry to hear this. *sigh* Hope you get well, and STAY well really, really soon. *HUGS*

    TheRambleman said...

    whimsperation wrote on my blog "Yeah, want to see how I used to blog? *laugh* visit http://www.livejournal.com/kryistina Now that's some pretty sad and whiny blogging. *chuckle*""

    Well, that link no longer exists :-( So I'll just have to take your word for it :-)