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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Too Hot

    Too hot to run errands
    Too hot to do chores
    Too hot to garden
    Almost too hot to move.

    Gotta keep going.

    Everyone is grumpy and we haven't left the house!

    We cleaned the animal cages ( an outdoor water activity), worked on making the baby boy tratty cage bigger with our remaining hardware cloth, some zip ties, and my dremmel.

    Made a new worm bin, finished my refresher course for teaching vermicomposting for Saturday's workshop/class, brought in some more grass hay for the rabbits, fed & watered everyone(lots of water, even though the animals are all inside), found out that we can indeed get the digital camera fixed (for about $150, we'll be taking it into the shop tomorrow), and finally was able to make the elusive depo shot appointment.

    Keebler is cleaning the kitchen while Ladybug attempts the amazing feat of getting some work done in her room while her sister jumps on her head, constantly demanding her attention.

    Got upset with Littlebit for dumping sand into perfectly good caught water (which we now have to waste by dumping it into the sandbox so as not to loose the sand because we can't use the water for anything else now. *sigh*) You'd think one huge container for sand'd be enough for her, but noo, she needs to spread the joy all over the garden! *laugh*

    Ladybug won't shut up so Keebler sent her to her room until the rest of us are done eating so that we can enjoy our food without her constant yammering.

    It might rain tomorrow. Wouln't that be nice? I could go run errands, hand clean the algae out of the pond, and pull some invading grass out of the garden.

    I think we'll watch a movie tonight.

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    AscenderRisesAbove said...

    you soooooo deserve that movie after doing all that labor in the hot hot hot sun