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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Frivolity: For Duct Tape Nuts Only

    Oops. *blush* I hit save as draft instead of publish post yesterday. My apologies. :D


    _Two More Slick Colors in the Rainbow -Duck(R) Brand Duct Tape Adds Steel
    Blue and Chrome to Palette, Upping Offering to 20 Colors_

    Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc., marketer of Duck(R) brand duct tape, announces the addition of steel blue and chrome Duck(R) brand duct tapes to its existing mix of duct tape colors.

    That makes 20 colors and patterns in case you want to make sure your
    collection is complete. And really, who can't do without bright pink duct tape?
    "Explorative crafters have embraced colored duct tape, as the sticky stuff
    serves as an inexpensive and highly durable tool. Duck(R) brand duct tape is
    viewed as a versatile 'fabric' medium because it is easy to tear by hand, does
    not fray and is water-resistant. Sticky creations range from wallets and
    purses to prom formalwear and Halloween costumes."

    1 comment:

    lovelife said...

    How do you find such cool stuff. Guess I need to do more on my computer then look at yahoo and news paper info lol
    How r u doing?