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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Cops are Exempt From Your Civil Rights

    Seemingly police officers are exempt from many of the new laws and methods of law enforcement.

    Photograph the Police, Get Arrested
    People are getting arrested for recording images of police officers.

    And a related psychology article explaining why some people think guns should be outlawed.

    Of course, police are also exempt from your right to legally defend yourself against unlawful violence. Hit an officer? Go to jail. Does it matter if he and a buddy were beating you mercilessley and you saw one of them reach for his gun? no, you hit an officer. *growl* Of course, if you were born with the appropriate girl parts, it is reasonable to expect that you might be able to get out of legal trouble via the expert application of said girl parts in immoral ways, but it is also safe to assume that if any part of you is accosted by an officer of the law, nothing will ever be done about it, no matter what your gender. Unless of course you or a close friend is willing to go to prison for life because of a "premeditated act of violence".

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