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    Sunday, August 27, 2006


    lrish company thinks it may have found free energy.

    Think they'll stop at taking your guns? Think again.

    There are 36 towns in the USA named "Springfield"

    New book Spurs citizen-level international discussion on sustainable communities.

    Human powered Mp3 playing Yo-Yos in our future?
    How about night vision contact lenses or floor tiles that generate electricity when they're walked on? Or even better, a thin suit of clothing that heats and cools itself on the wearer's command and is charged by the simple movements of the human body that wears it? (talk about saving on heating and cooling bills!) Read all about the human-powered challenge, the grand prize winners, and the runners up here:

    STOP the IRR Marine Involuntary Recall (Another Back Door Draft)

    Is Agribusiness Making Food Less Nutritious?
    Growing evidence indicates that today's fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products have less vitamins and nutrients than in the past.

    1 comment:

    TheRambleman said...

    Okay, I signed the petition about the IRR. Hope there really will be totally free power some day. Doesn't surprise me they've banned swords and knive in Scotland, we're probably next :-( I knew there were a LOT of Springfields :-) Not surprised that Agribiz in killing nutrition. And that's all I checked out. Thanks.