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    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Mystery Plant, Pollination Shields, Sneaking Chocolate

    I pollinated the mayan squash again (new flower opened under the polination-pruf screen -note the paintbrush that lives under the screening too-), and then made a new cover for the mystery plant, who has decided to flower again. I pollinated that one too (with a different paintbrush of course) and covered it to avoid crosses, just in case we happen to like whatever comes of it and want more next year. *laughs & shrugs*

    Ya never know, right?

    Anyone have a clue what it is? (sorry closeup is so fuzzy, winds were good, but bad for pictures)

    Yay for the game of "Identify that" *chuckle* At least we know it's one sturdy plant, as we had this thing sprouting up everywhere this spring and throught the summer (even to the point of sprouting during the hot flash)

    Here's a shot of the new anti-natural-polination screen. Anybody want a how-to for that one?

    It rained again today, and now all of our water buckets are full again.

    The ants were quite happy to be visiting the newest corn to start the flowering process, and we went to grab the homemade bug spray. It was empty. All the work that went into making the 2 gallon container of natural bug spray into a foliar feed, all the brewing and mixing time, all gone. Why? Because Littlebit had chocolate (snuck) for breakfast, then went outside to play. Somehow she thought it was her duty to open the container and dump it all over the ground. We made more (without the foliar feeding properties) and sprayed the heck out of the flowers (and accompanying ants). I can hope she poured it on the garden somewhere so that it could have at least fertilized something.

    Later, she decided it would be a great idea to get into the forbidden (we copy them and save the workbooks to resell) workbooks so that she could tear them up and draw in them. Lovely. *sigh* Of course nobody was watching her because her oh-so-responsible older sister decided she needed a nap, her dad had decided on a day of rest withoug telling anyone, and I was busy working on the computer and cooking dinner simultaneously after having waited all darned day for NAY chores to have gotten done. *growl* The kids spent all day jumping on my head and demanding my attention, while alternately screaming, crying, yelling, or whining, while Keebler consistently ignored or accused anything that moved for no darned good reason. Later I found out that the Keebler "lazy" problem was all a simple miscommunication. Still really frustrating though. *sigh*

    Thus ends yet another not quite so great day.

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    lovelife said...

    your plants are looking good. wish storms had worked out this year.
    hope you all come over for dinner at some point.