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    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Mystery Mushrooms

    Remember Ladybug's watch breaking? That's a part of this tale as well.

    Keebler was feeling really ill this morning, so we let him sleep in. I made some breakfast and the kids and I were ready to go when I went to check on him and make sure he was allright. That's when he decided he was coming with us. I had thought (for the 20 minutes while he got ready to go) that he was wantng to come along because he felt better. I was wrong. 45 minutes after I had gone in to check on him, he is lying back in bed and we haven't left the house yet. I guess he had thought I had gone back to see if he felt good enough to come along yet. Poor thing. He rested the whole time we were gone, and is MUCH better now. *smile*

    It's 11:45 and we have to pick up a Freecycle(tm) and drop off a library book before we can go to the big back to school bash being held down on the south side of town. We flawlessly get the items (except one item I had specifically asked for, which I didn't grab quick enough I guess) and stop to chat for a bit. (remember that whole not having a watch or time device of any sort thing?) Dropping the book off at the library isn't a big deal either, and I have the girls fill up the water bottle while they are inside.

    Off to the party we go, and when we get there, it's shut down. 30 minutes late we were, and so the petting zoo I promised was already on the road home, and the suprises I had planned for them were all shut down, deflated, and put away. *sigh*

    The kids weren't overly upset by all of this, however, and as we made our way home we made plans to clean up the house a bit (room is a bit cluttered again) and then do some "fun work".

    That didn't quite work out either.

    The pizza place near the house had a sale on pizzas get a medium single topping for only $2.99, and we had just returned some dog nail clippers to the store. Woohoo! I didn't have to cook lunch! One pizza to go please.

    After dinner and a quick check of my email, I took an accidental (but necessary) nap of about 4 hours, and shortly after waking up, I got seriously ill for no reason whatsoever. I laid down for quite some time feeling nauseous, then decided to start working on Littlebit's halloween costume. Ladybug was then inspired to do a bit of sewing (and get some instructions) as well. Good thing I have several needles to spare. *smile*

    Thinking of it now, I should probably photograph the process and make a DIY out of it too *laugh* But it was a nice, quiet, non-mobile activity that kept my stomache somewhat settled for a bit longer until I decided I was capable of moving without some calamity befalling my bedroom floor.

    While I was down & out, Keebler did the laundry, and when I was finally up and about (albeit gingerly), he was outside hanging the clothes on the line. The outdoors felt nice, so I looked around for something worthwhile to do. I ended up watering the melon patch with the help of Ladybug.

    The other day after the rain, there were these strange mushrooms that came sprouting out of the compost pile. Strangest things. Black and ridged all across the top, tall off-white stem and the cap was prone to curling at the edges and slitting in such a way as it looked like it was some sort of weird black flower.

    Strange little things. Anyone have a clue what these are?

    I agree with Rambleman. Sometimes there are a whole lot of words to write when all you are really saying is "nothing much hapened today". *chuckle*

    Oh, I don't feel as bad either.


    Anonymous said...

    Those aren't mushrooms. They are alien pods from outer space that are going to take over your family. That's why you have been feeling ill. My God, it's already begun. Do you still have fingerprints? This is bad. Very, very bad.

    TheRambleman said...

    Those aren't the "magic" mushrooms that some people eat for magical experiences, are they? I've never seen that kind, so I have no idea. Hmm...

    Glad you and Keebler are feeling better. *HUGS*

    lovelife said...

    sorry you got sick. hope all is better now.
    so how was his first day of work did he like it?

    TheRambleman said...

    "This is very similar to the navy fellow who was judged innocent in his court martial."

    Cool, so hopefully Watada will be found innocent as well. Thanks, I hadn't heard.

    "I wonder sometimes, why the military hasn't stood up and "taken measures" to do uphold their oaths yet."

    Probably because they don't feel they have to follow the same laws as everyone else.