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    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Cute Fuzzy Aminals

    The boys
    And the girls,

    And the boys,

    And the only not-camera-shy girl (and her shadow), all say hello *smile* They are all so big now! Know anyone who wants some girly rattlings? *chuckle*

    On with the day!

    Got up at 6:30am, made breakfast (french toast), drove Keeb to work at 8, came back home, passed out in the bed. Woke up at noon to Littlebit crying. Why? Her sister has put her into the dog crate they play in as a punishment. She can get out just fine ion her own, but it's the whole idea of being punished, you see. So I get onto both of them for innapropriate behavior ("don't lock your sister in the toys" and so forth) and move forward with my day.

    Friends stopped by, the maintenence man dropped in asking for a bit of help from Keeb, my mother called, and Keeb called to let me know that he was ready to come home for work. I kicked out the friends, told the maintenence guy to wait while I went to get Keeb, and left the house.

    Upon our return, Keebler helped move a 220 air conditioner, got a promise of help building that raised bed I've been on about recently, and we had leftovers for dinner. I poliated the new flower on the mystery plant and checked on the mayan squash. Seems I polinated it a bit too vigorously, as the flower has fallen off. Smaller brush and gentler strokes next flower. *blush*

    We rode our bikes to the grocery store (on my flat front tire) to get some ingredients for what I planned to make for the potluck, but instead rabbed some clearance scones and brought them. *chuckle* It's a good thing too, or we would have been eating leftovers for a week and sharing with the neighbors again! (not that the neighbors complain of too much free food) *laugh*

    The kids were obstinant and yippy, but otherwise good for the majority of the day.

    Then off to the Radish we went, where there was a lively discussion about how things are being run, as well as permaculture, and various how-tos *smile* It was a MUCH better turn outthan last week's potluck, and it felt a bit more like home with all of the active and free communication.

    Not much else happened, but it was a better day than yesterday, so things are looking up! *grin*

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    lovelife said...

    very cute pic. you have a zoo like i do. But what would we do with out our pet's.
    glad you had a nice time at the potluck.
    Tell the kids i said hi.
    Glad you are doing better then yesterday.
    love that you are posting pic.