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    Friday, August 25, 2006

    Interesting Times

    What a day!
    Keebler woke up at 6am to get ready for work. Lunch was packed, clothes were pressed, breakfast was made and fed to all, and everything was ready (right down to the briefcase). *chuckle* With over 15 minutes to spare and a 10 minute drive, we were on our way. I don't feel so good, and it's starting to storm. I dropped him off at work without incident (except for rude drivers on the road) and went back home where upon opening the door, I was greeted with Ladybug yelling and looking panicked. When I emerged from the bathroom (having waved her aside and told her I would deal with it in a minute), I was informed that Keeb was at the wrong address. *sigh* So I picked him up to drive him to the first place he was supposed to be instead of the second one (where his boss told him to be on accident). No problem, right? WRONG!

    So traffic is going about 20 MPH north on National (40MPH zone) and he didn't get very good directions from the woman he had called to find out what was going on. Really, all the info he gives me is "*mutter* Git 'N Go *mutter* then after that *mutter* turn right". RIIIGHT. So we turn right (assuming things here) after every random kum & go we find heading north on National, then right again. Nothing. We are looking for a street that does not exist. Keebler starts pointing out random streets saying that they sound familiar. He is SERIOUSLY late for his first day on the job. I turn down one with no luck, and give up. We go home and I mapquest the address. He was right. That last street he pointed at in desperation was where we had needed to turn. Heading back, nearly an hour late because of traffic and "unforseeable circumstances", we pull into a place. I drop him off, but sit and wait. I am SO not driving back to retrieve him again. I was wise to wait because he came back out and gave me more directions. Right street, wrong building. I'm starting to feel REALLY bad now, and the rain is coming down (yes we remembered to put out the catchment buckets)


    We FINALLY get to where we are going. He leaps out of the car and heads into the building. At less than 1/4 tank of gas, I turn off the car and wait. Then wait some more, and more... A woman comes out and I ask her if it is the right address. It is, she says. But I'm still not ready to go until he tells me himself that this is indeed where he needs to be. I thank the woman for her help and she offers to go in and get him to check. After profuse thanks, she runs back in and gets him. He looks confused coming back to the car and leans into the window to tell me that they didn't know who he was or why he was there! *rolls eyes dramatically*

    Anyheeway, He is finally at work, and I drive home. I want a nap SO badly I can taste it. My head is pounding like a smithy in spring and I feel like I've been gifted the additional pleasure of an ice pick through the skull. The human barometer strikes again. I lie down. The girls want to cuddle. After 20 minutes of snuggling, the phone rings. It's Keeb's boss. He wants to know if Keeb has a cell phone or a vehicle because he is needed at the other site. Oh my. I ask if I need to go get him and drive him where he needs to be, and he says no. Strange call.

    I'm feeling nauseous due to the pain bashing relentlessly against the insides of my head. I lie down to try a second time for the elusive nap, and the phone rings yet again.

    It's my mother. She NEEDS to tell me something that she already left a message on the machine about. When I check the messages, I'll have to hear it all over again. Thanks mom, I didn't really want that nap that bad. *sigh*

    I make lunch and prepare us for park day. I've had this compulsion lately to be relatively on time for even social events. We check the mail before leaving to find no cancellation notices, so show up a bit early to park day, in the rain. Ladybug looses her watch on the way out of the house (we later discovered that the band plastic had begun to disintegrate because she never takes it off). We drag all of the books we plan to give away to the pavilion with our snacks, drinks, activity for the end-of-summer party, and personal reading books, and wait. Can you guess what happened? I bet you can. *laugh* Yep, we waited, enjoying the cool breezes and intermittent sun, reading our books and playing under the pavilion shelter for three hours. Yeah, you heard me right, three hours. At least we got some nice quiet time together out of the house. *grin* And Littlebit met the park trash man and learned all about how he changes the trash bags and keeps the park clean. Chalk one up for civics class! *laugh*

    Upon reaching home, I sit down to the computer for a minute (literally) and the phone rings. Keebler is done with work for the day, and ready to come home. After checking for Homeschool group messages and discovering the cancellation notice I missed by mere minutes, up I go again, to go get him from work (at the first place we were visiting this morning, that he moved to during the day). On our way home, the car starts to act weird, and I do the unthinkable. I stop for gas (YAY! Gas is down 20 cents since last week! There are reasons to be glad of the end of summer.) and pay with my credit card. *resigned sigh* I hate doing that, even though it is a prepaid card, but now he can get to work on Monday, right? *smirk*

    I get him home and we begin cooking dinner and preparing for bed. Crud! I remember that I had responded to a Freecycle(tm) offer, and haven't checked my email since. *blush* I check that and blast off a reply as soon as possible, after dinner, nearing 10pm. I may not get the items now, and if I don't, I'll understand. (They had wanted the items gone really quickly). I'll know sometime tomorrow for sure.

    The girls are on their way to bed, Keeb & I are both bone weary, and my migraine has finally receded to a dull throb. (Remember that old curse about interesting times?) Mayhaps if we are lucky, tomorrow will be a tad less interesting of a read? *wry chuckle*

    Here's a meaningless photo of our corn from above.
    (Keeb takes some pictures from the rooftop)

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    TheRambleman said...

    You're right, definitely an "interesting" day - sorry. Like I said before, hope that Keeb has a better day at work, or at least getting there, on Monday. I also hope that you're next homeschooling park day actually happens, or the cancellation notice goes out earlier anyway. *HUGS*