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    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Inform Yourslf: Good Stuff?


    It's hard out here for a consumer. Faced with endless options for the latest
    and coolest, we can be overwhelmed just by the selection, even before
    considering the impact our choices have on the planet.

    The Worldwatch Institute has helped simplify what seems like a staggering task. If you've been meaning to make the change to energy-conserving light bulbs or safe household cleansers,
    this is the perfect excuse to sit down and scan through the topics that
    concern you most.

    From chocolate to seafood, cell phones to computers, paper to gold jewelry, every category provides information on the stuff's environmental and social blowback.

    Don't know fair trade from green procurement? The glossary will make it all crystal-water clear. Think you already know it all? Take the quiz and see. And if you're ready to be a whole new kind of consumer, memorize the consumption manifesto.

    Being responsible isn't so hard after all.

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