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    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Another Day Over

    Lastnight before bed a friend of mine dropped off some pork she had been given for some cash I had earned. $1 a pound isn't bad at all for meat products, and the ratties will be extra happy when we give them cooked pork neck bones to gnaw on. *grin*

    Today we stayed home all day while I made phone calls and did a bit of work.

    The Radish's potluck was pretty much a bust (likely because the elections are tomorrow and everyone wanted to be rested to go vote first thing in the morning). My mother showed up to turn the potluck into a birthday party for Littlebit. She didn't ask any radishals if it would be allright, she just took over. It was really uncomfortable, and she managed to guilt someone into giving Littlebit $2 for a present just by her being intrusive like that. *sigh* I tried to talk top her about how rude it was to usurp the Radish event for her own selfish desires, especially when I had told her that she could give the child her gifts in a small private family thing sometime (like any of the many times per month she comes to visit (aka waste my time with useless blather about what TV shows she's watched recently. We don't watch TV for a reason! One that she seems incapable of grasping)... Anyway, She told me that I was terribly wrong about her being rude, so I left and went outside to curse a blue streak about how much I dislike the pompus controlling, assumptive bitty.

    My mother seems to think that it is upsetting and innapropriate that I didn't throw Littlebit a b-day party this year, but instead gave her a sandbox with special blue sand, and took her to park day to be with her friends nearly every friday. I'm beginning to think of birthday parties as a way to con one's friends into getting one a gift anyway. *growl* Kinda tacky in my view.

    After my miniature tirade (during which I apologised to my friends for her behavior, and they graciously accepted), we did some sidewalk chalking until my mother emerged from the store because she had been abandoned (likely because nobody there likes her, her corporate big box store adoration, or her inability to ever shut her trap.) I went back inside, as did several others while the kids chalked some more and wrestled with a friend.

    After she left, there was more fun and some random discussion until we had to leave to go get ready for bed. I swear there's the only reason I'd ever move from this area; to get away from her. *sigh*

    So we watered the yarden with our caught water from the other day, had sandwiches, and I checked my email and new blog posts from folks on my blogroll when I found that I had been blogged about! *shock* "I Fought the Lawn & The Lawn Won" Is the name of the post in one of my new favorite blogs; http://www.thisgardenisillegal.com/ Yes, I enjoyed reading before they blogged about me. *laugh*

    This is an exciting moment for me. The first time someone who knows nearly nothing about me has blogged about me, linking to my site. (I was also excited the first time a friend of mine linked to my blog, but that's more a personal "because I'm your friend and value your thoughts" kind of thing as opposed to "I don't know this person from adam, but they had a point that made me think" kind of link. Know what I mean? So yeah, VERY excited. *chuckle* It makes me sad that their garden is truly illegal in their city, and it nauseates me when government tries to regulate how a person keeps their own property beyond safety precautions.

    On another, similarly exciting line, we have another watermalon growing (making three!) and our moon & stars melon is growing fast. I have learned the basics of making a bee house and have asked on one of the organic gardening lists I'm on about when and how to properly populate it, as well as if it is already too late in the year to do so. We haven't had nearly as many fruits as the flowers would have fortold, and I'm sure that is due to lack of polination. Tomorrow I'll get the soft bristled paintbrush again and start hand-polinating, as soon as we get back from voting and signing up for free school supplies. (we may homeschool, but free is good whenever it happens, no matter what the reason. *grin*)

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