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    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Fun, Chatting, Shopping

    Went to the square to hang out with the folks in the Greenleaf group and discuss religion and other neat stuff. Keebler was wrangled into filming again, the kids ran wild, and we had a lot of fun talking to new friends and newly returned ones. *smile*

    Littlebit was really hot, so Wushih sprung for beverages for everyone. She rocks!

    Afterwards, we dropped by Dairy Queen to redeem the girls' reading reward coupons for free ice cream cones, where we were suprised with the offer of a shell dip for free as well! They can't have red 40 (no strawberry) or chocolate, so butterscotch it was. They loved it! (we tried it a bit too, and it's tasty stuff.) *smile*

    Without money, we went shopping yet again. *grin* The certificates for free clothes and shoes were redeemed today. We tried really hard not to go to walmart, but it just didn't work. Kmart (the only other place we could shop besides the thrift store) didn't have anything appropriate for the girls. Ladybug's feet have grown, so she got a pair of pants, two pair of shoes, and three pair of tights. Littlebit's tush has grown, so she got two pair of pants, a paier of shoes, and three pair of tights.

    By the end of the day though, Keeb and I were both on our last nerve (having gone shopping with our two perfectly lovely *cough* girls for several hours after having to pick them up from my wonderful *cough* mother's house because she was too busy sleeping to bring them back home like she'd promised.

    Anyway, He cooked dinner (Mac & cheese; homestyle, lightly mineral salted brocolli spears, and buffallo patties) while I did the email (which really needed done as I hadn't done any of it all day).

    Keebler got some really good ariel shots of the melon patch yesterday (and it really shows how close everything is together too). See the corn to the left, and the tomatoes to the rear and the left?

    Of course everything else here is pretty tiny too. Here's some of the squash and the water garden. (feel free to use the car and the hose as refrence points for size)

    I'm curious as to what's wrong with the hokkaido though. It looks a bit yellow and wilty around the edges. I'm hoping it perks up soon.

    Tomorrow Keebler has his first day of work, and I have my first park day without him. It'll be strange without him there.


    Andrea said...

    Hey, could Littlebit wear size 6X? I'm fixing to round them up and send them on out of here. I'd rather give them to you than the thrift store. Lexie has also outgrown all her shoes, one pair of which were never even worn at all. I had no idea her feet would grow so fast this summer. I don't recall what size the shoes are.

    Andrea said...

    Also, have about 20-30 pairs of ballet tights all pink, if that's the kind of tights she wears.

    lovelife said...

    Hi you sure had a busy day. Love that you are posting pic.
    So what job did he get. I wish him luck. Sorry you have to go to parkday all alone.
    I would like more info on greenleaf if you have any. I do at times watch the pagan pagan show when not much else is on on friday nights and i remember its on.

    TheRambleman said...

    Yeah, sure sounds like the day in the park was fun though, even though you had to do it alone. Cool that you got so much free stuff :-)