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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Tomatoes & More

    The tomato plants are doing great now that it's cooled off. So happy and healthy. Note the squash trying to take over the entirety of the yarden in the foreright of the picture (large yellow flower) *grin*

    We're going to have a heck of a time seperating everything to put the greenhouse plastic on. *chuckle*

    Even the bonsai tomato plants are happy. *laugh* (Bonsai meaning kept really tiny by not repotting into larger containers) I should probably tie up that tomato that is snaking across the walkway too, but I'm too busy (and lazy) right now. *smirk*

    These just finished ripening (Isis Candy cherry tomatoes) But we haven't had a chance to try them yet. They're terribly cute with their little yellowish splotches.

    But we tried the first of the mystery volunteer tomato just today. Very thick skinned for a tomato, really robust flavor, and nearly spicy. I love it! Sad that we don't know what it is so we can buy seed for it next year. *sigh*

    And of course, everyone has their favorite mutated tomato. This, I beleive is a double snowball tomato. A strange ruffled, white tomato with a very mild flavor. Color changing has begun just slightly and it looks like it's going white. (we only have two ruffly tomatoes, and the other kind is purple) Of course this was the first off of this one as well, so we don't know first-hand what it tasted like either. Heck, we only planted one type of tomato that we know we like, and that was a single roma plant. *laugh*

    The tomatoes grow right up against the corn, beans, and squash at the wall of the greenhouse. I never knew aphids liked corn, but the ants sure knew, so we did a total spray down of all the corn & tomatoes with the natural insecticide and foliar feeding mixture. I hope it works really fast, the corn was loaded!

    Anyway, today I spent nearly all day sitting on my rear getting the fliers and junk made up for the workshops & classes we are holding over the next couple of months. I still have to list them on a couple of community calendars yet, but I'm almost done.

    The first class coming up (in case you are interested in attending) is on September 9th from 3-6pm. We're going to be making fire and teaching others how, as well as teaching the making of a primitive fire kit that each participant takes home with them! There is a $7 fee per person. Neat huh? There is a lot more going on after that (nearly every saturday for two months to be exact) so we're in for some fun times. *grin*


    lovelife said...

    hi. i was bored so after i could not sleep i was on my computer doing the next blog button and up pops yours so that was so cool
    Nice pic of your plants. looks good.

    catnapping said...

    Any small dogs or children missing from your neighborhood?

    You gotta watch those squashes!


    Andrea said...

    My tomatoes are all but dead. I think they have suffered from more than just the heat but I don't know what. Maybe the dog has been peeing in them.

    They started turning yellow from the bottom up and now barely have any green at all on them. I watered daily during the heat wave. These are potted tomato plants.

    TheRambleman said...

    So glad to *see* your yarden is doing so well now that the heat has lessened. Good job :-)

    Faith said...

    One of my tomato plants that you gave us is starting to flower!
    Yours looks lovely!
    Can you save seed from that special tomato that you don't know the name of? Maybe google and look for other tomatoes that look like it and their description sounds like it? I'd like to try that one myself.
    I had no idea there were so many different kinds of tomatoes.

    Mama Chaos said...

    Mmmmmm. We had some tomato slices ocvered in melted cheese last night with dinner.