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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Newsbits: Funny, Scary, and Hopeful

    This is a true story from one of my homeschooling lists (republished without names with permission)

    The beginning of the summer semester at the junior college:

    This kid has a tee shirt that says "I is a kollege stoodent." and he wore it to class the first day.

    Later, sparked into conversation BY said shirt, one of the other students asked him where his graphing caculator was, and kiddo replied, "It's in the store waiting for someone who needs the reassurance, of course."

    "Aren't you worried you'll get the answers wrong without the calculator?"

    "If I get them wrong without the calculator, that means I don't understand the math."

    "Aren't you worried about your grades?????"

    "Try homeschooling: I don't get *grades* but I do know when I've learned something."

    (and people wonder why we are so proud of our kids. *laugh*)

    NAIS Roadmap: Land For Peace
    The Three Step Plan
    By: Celeste Bishop

    The American small farmer has entered into the global 'peace process'.

    According to USDA rhetoric, the roadmap called the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) the USDA is willing to sacrifice your land for the illusion of global food security.

    Despite USDA statements the NAIS 'Land- for-Peace' deal is not voluntary.

    You will not be asked to vote on the issue.

    It does not have an opt-out clause for when learn your property was commandeered.

    In the march towards globalism you will be issued a unique 7-character number identifying your geographic location (property) as a food source (no animals needed).

    You will electronically identify allqualifying animals.

    Lastly, your compliance is required to track animals at all times. Once mandatory, failure to comply will include: heavy fines, seizure of property, possible imprisonment.

    The Roadmap: 'Land-for-Peace' is a tool adopted by governments to address global problems including food security issues. It requires the US to reform its safe food system to adopt questionable international food standards (ISO, Codex, SPS). The small farmer is pressured to then accept reform for unrealistic food security ideals.

    The roadmap is comprised of three goal-driven phases which purportedly resolve the conflict of non-verified food. The key to success hinges on compliance by all parties.

    Preliminary Phase 1- A clear vision is defined, scope and boundaries are established ensnaring both parties to 'buy-in' the unrealistic goals. Government creates legislative reforms at all levels putting at risk our Constitution. For the small farmer to have a voice or succeed he is coerced to join a collective industry-state-federal-global partnership for the sake of global trade, not unlike the days of Stalin.

    Development Phase 11 identifies and addresses the critical infrastructureswithin agriculture, commodities, and vulnerabilities (such as disease) within the program. Then the UN/USDA deceptively creates comprehensive standards encompassing all facets of the food industry; environment, nutrition, conservation, humane animal treatment, international trade, diseases, economic and development to address potential 'vulnerabilities'. Global sectoring is achieved by Free Trade Agreements luring former enemies into trading partners. A timeline is proposed, gleaned from sectors utilizing the working groups. Contingency plans are set to ensure the program succeeds. International and domestic support is extended to all parties for their participation and valiant efforts.

    Acceptance Phase 111 critiques, validates and finally accepts the NAIS 'Land for Peace' deal. Everything is tracked to ensure compliance. With this final stamp of approval, the small farmer has been entrenched into a quagmire of regulations squelching the freedom to use his land. The small farmer will never attain the mirage of food security promises guaranteed by the USDA.

    Historically, 'Land for Peace' agreements neverwork.

    Say No to blackmail! No to the NAIS: Land for Peace deal! It's not freedom, nor a deal. Learn more: http://www.nonais.org/ andhttp://www.libertyark.net/

    (I can't resist but to say "I told you so", but then again, maybe some people still aren't listening. On the group I got this from, someone responded to this message by saying how wonderful it was and how well it worked in their country (Australia) and how we should be happy that our country cared so much for us to do all this extra work to keep us all safe or similar. There was one response. it asked the person if they wanted to buy a bridge. *smirk* Word is getting out, and soon it will be too well kniown and too talked about to ignore. Never stop fighting!)

    President Chavez Announces Ban of Genetically Engineered Crops in Venezuela

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has announced that the cultivation of genetically modified crops will be prohibited on Venezuelan soil, possibly establishing the most sweeping restrictions on transgenic crops in the Western Hemisphere. Though full details of the administration’s policy on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are still forthcoming, the statement by President Chavez will lead most immediately to the cancellation of a contract that Venezuela had negotiated with the U.S.-based Monsanto Corporation.

    Before a recent international gathering of supporters in Caracas, President Chavez admonished genetically engineered crops as contrary to interests and needs of the nation’s farmers and farmworkers. He then zeroed in on Monsanto’s plans to plant up to 500,000 acres of transgenic soybeans in Venezuela.

    (wow, and I was buying gas from Citgo because they use Venesuelan gas only, and President Chavez is the only leader of an oil country who uses the profits from the sales to help the citizens of the nation. This is just one more shining star on his record!)

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