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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Yahoo Questions

    I got a notice in my email that of the first and only three questions in Yahoo Questions that I answered, I have received a top score on one of the questions. The question was : What's this "socialization" that supposedly happens in high school? Who'da thunk it'd be about homeschooling? LOL

    They want me to go answer more questions now. *chuckle* Maybe when I have time to burn, but not right now, especially since I am a professional question answerer-type person. *grin*

    Put down the straw on the walkways in the garden today (they look lovely), and I'm planning on waking everyone up in the wee hours of the morning for more garden work before we have to head out of the house around 9am to take a friend to pick up & cash his paycheck. I forgot to ask him if he wanted to go grocery shopping too or not. *ponder* I guess I'll find out on the morrow, 'eh? *laugh*

    It was hot and miserable all day today, but I refused to leave the house for most of it, so all was well. On a lighter note, we got quite a bit done cleaning the house and sorting our new books we received from Freecycle(tm). It's supposed to storm tonight. We put out the water catchment buckets just in case, and there is a gentle breeze going (more than could be said about the past few days), so I can only hope that we WILL get a good rain AND that said rain will cool everything off a bit. It was 107 degrees today!

    There is to be a meeting of the Springfield Urban Permaculture group at my house on Saturday at 4pm in case anyone is interested. There will be free snacks & drinks, and a bathroom facility will be provided for the meeting. Those attending will be given a tour of the garden and the opportunity to participate in a guided Certified Naturally Grown inspection of our farm operations. While you are here, you may also sign up for the upcoming vermicomposting workshop.

    Wow, it's late. I'd better turn in if I'm to get up early in the morning. *blush*

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    Mama Chaos said...

    :D Does this make you an expert now? I've never even looked at the yahoo question sectoin, perhaps I should see what's there.