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    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    Newswire: Veteran Pentacle Quest

    Roberta Stewart and Rev. Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary spoke at a
    religious freedom rally in Washington, DC on the 4th of July. More than
    300 people, including Pagans from 17 states, attended the rally, held in
    Farragut Square Park, located near the White House and the headquarters
    of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The rally included a variety
    of speakers and musicians. Some photos of this rally are now on-line
    at the newly created rally page and more photos will be posted this

    On Wednesday, July 5, Roberta and Selena went to Capitol Hill and met
    with a legislative aide in Senator Harry Reid's office. The aide then
    accompanied them to VA headquarters where they met with Under Secretary
    for Memorial Affairs William Tuerk and two other VA officials. The
    Under Secretary, who is head of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA)
    which maintains the VA's list of authorized emblems of belief for
    memorial markers for veterans, told them that the VA is not approving any
    emblem of belief addition requests at this time because the VA procedures
    adopted in October 2005 for adding emblems of belief to the NCA list
    were not adopted correctly. The Under Secretary still would give no
    timeline for the completion of this latest "revising the rules" process.
    Both Selena and Roberta urged him to add the Pentacle to the NCA list
    under previous protocols while the VA sorts out its procedural mistakes.

    The Pentacle Quest continues to make news.

    An article appeared on the top of the second page of the Washington
    Post on July 4 and is now being published by other media. Associated
    Press and United Press International articles have been and are being
    picked up by media sources across the USA and several other countries.

    On July 5, Roberta and Selena appeared on the evening news on the ABC
    television affiliate in Washington, DC.

    The July 7 radio broadcast of Roberta and Selena on Barry Lynn's
    Culture Shocks program is now archived on-line (show # 722) -- listen to it
    at: http://www.cultureshocks.com

    CNN television interviewed Roberta and Selena while they were in
    Washington, DC -- the story is presently scheduled to air tomorrow (Monday,
    July 10) on the American Morning Show (6 - 10 am EDT)

    More media coverage is in the works for this week.

    Your continued support for this Veteran Pentacle Quest is needed and


    (1) SPEAK OUT: Monitor media coverage of the Pentacle Quest. Write
    letters to the editor and to blog sites --express your support for the
    Pentacle being added to the NCA list, call the VA to uphold religious
    freedom, and express appreciation for good media coverage. Write words of
    support in comments sections, which accompany news reports on-line,
    such as following the article in the Sacramento Bee:

    (2) ALLIES: The Quest needs more Allies ... religious leaders of other
    religions, veterans organizations, Senators & Congresspeople, religious
    freedom activists, and others. Please contact possible allies you know
    -- give them information about this Quest, ask them to write letters of
    support to the VA & media, and let us know about your efforts -- email:
    liberty@circlesanctuary.org or fax copies of letters sent to us: (608)

    (3) DONATE: Send donations to Circle Sanctuary to help defray travel
    costs and other expenses incurred in the Quest. You can donate on-line:
    or send to: Veteran Pentacle Quest Fund, Lady Liberty League, Circle
    Sanctuary, PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507 USA.
    Donations are tax deductible in the USA. Make checks payable to Circle
    Sanctuary - Lady Liberty League.

    (4) RITUALS: Please send blessings of strength and support to Roberta
    and Selena and others working with them on this Quest. Envision
    success for the Veteran Pentacle Quest. Join with others in invoking the
    Goddess Liberty (Libertas) and other Divine forces for success and support
    at this Full Moon time and in the time ahead. More info about Libertas
    and how to work with Her is on-line:

    (5) NETWORK: Tell others about this Quest and encourage them to help.
    Post the URL for our Veteran Pentacle website to lists and websites
    (http://www.circlesanctuary.org/liberty/veteranpentacle). Forward this
    email on to others.

    Thank you!

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