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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Won Won

    Yesterday we bought a new bunny. He's two months old, just like our babies, but he's a tiny bit larger (which is great because our doe is larger much than Roschoreo anyway, so she can take a breeding from him just fine.) No the camera isn't working, this is the picture his previous owner sent us to see if we wanted him before we arranged purchase. Isn't he adorable? He gets along great with our other boy bunnies, and is housing with them until I build him his own cage. If we breed just right and get lucky, we may get calico rabbits. *chuckle* We've named him "Won Won" because he looks like a Weasley, straight down to the mischievous look in his cinnamon-lashed eyes.

    Then we went to a homeschool field trip to Honey Heaven, which was interesting (they have a glass-encased mini-hive) but not informative (I know more about bees and beekeeping than the woman giving the presentation did, and I don't keep bees, nor have I studied them). The presentation was geared for preschoolers. (very sad) We had to pay $2 a person for the privilege of having this woman talk down to us and our children. Of course we got a 25 cent honey stick out of the deal, but that's really not compensation. Considering what her business thought was worth $2, my vermicomposting workshop next week for $3 is going to be a great deal! At least we got to sample a good many of the honeys there. We may not have liked the presentation, and I personally dislike any place that incorporates unsound practices (religion, preaching) into their business plan, but I must admit, their honey was superb. I'm glad we went, but we probably won't be going back.

    After that we dropped Keebler of at a place so that he can test for a job and ran over to the park for homeschool park day. At park day some idiot public highschool kids started throwing wood chips at our kids and calling them names. There were two responses to this: Littlebit and another of the younger ones started throwing wood chips back at the teenagers, Ladybug and a couple of older kids stood aside and watched for escalation, and one of the kids ran screaming to their mom about how "some black-skinned people were throwing wood chips at me and calling me names". That part was at full volume too, and we're all sure the teens heard her because they left rather hurriedly. Keebler got some castoff clothes from a friend, and we got some pine bedding for putting under our rabbits to absorb the urine. (It makes for easier rabbit pellet collection for fertilizer that way). Ladybug refused to come when she was called (5 times) so I couldn't get into the car (she had the keys, so I had to wait until everyone was getting ready to leave before I could get my car keys back to put the things we had been given back into the car. *sigh*

    When we picked up Keebler after park day, he was standing out on the roadside working on a puzzle book. Seems he was done with the testing less than 5 minutes after we left and he was standing outside all that time. Of course there were only 5 minutes left until his graduation commencement ceremonies, so we had to hurry.

    The ceremony was pretty good, all things considered (like it was a graduation *yawn*). I guess when it's someone you actually care about, it's not too bad. He got to keep his graduation cap & tassel. We had someone take a picture of him with their digital, but we haven't received it via email yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. It's such an inconvenience not having the camera. Like I can't show you how pretty the yarden is, or post pictures of our two watermelons and one mystery melon, or the flowers on our beans. *sigh*

    Today I went shopping for last minute goodies while Keebler and the girls finished cleaning the yard of all the crud that had blown into it over the course of the evening.

    The event went really well with eight people showing up at different times. We got 5 people to fill out inspection forms, so we're good for another year as Certified Naturally Grown. The snacks were a big hit, and we made some product sales as well. We're going to have to buy more of those containers of lemonade mix for next week though, that stuff was amazingly tasty! The donations we received were enough to cover the supplies I bought for the workshop, plus a tiny bit, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    We missed an important meeting at the Radish, but we'll make up for it later.

    After the event, I finished up my email and discovered that several of our baby rats are an exceedingly rare pattern that even many in the ratty business had never heard of. So we have a scheduled pickup of one of our boys next Sunday. The pattern is called RaCcoon, and is what Lafarga is. You can see a picture of Lafarga in one of my first posts to this blog: http://whimspiration.blogspot.com/2006/03/heres-that-picture-of-hidiki-and.html#links Several of the babies are, as expected for a rare coloration, in very high demand.

    We are currently in the process of developing a bunny poop harvesting system so that we can sell the poop as fertilizer. By next week we will have enough dried and packaged to be able to have a bag on display advertising that we are now selling bunny poop fertilizer. *grin* There is so much more work to do. *tired smile* I started this post at 8:30pm, and only now am I finishing it. Needless to say, I had a few interruptions during my writing, not the least of which are the raging migraine and the blasted flies. *wry smirk* Gotta swat'em all!


    lovelife said...

    Hi the new bunny is so cute. I need one lol

    Mama Chaos said...

    Busy, busy, busy! :)

    TheRambleman said...

    Cool. Congratulations to Keebler! Also, congratulations on starting a bunny-poop sale thingy. And yes, for rats, they're cute... I guess. *smile*