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    Friday, June 02, 2006

    My Mother

    Mother dropped the kids off before noon like I asked her, but then stayed for an hour and a half yelling stories in my house (she knows not how to speak at a normal volume), and "waiting" for my kids to clean the dumpster goodies out of her car for her. *sigh* You would think, that once, my mother would honor not only the text of my desires, but also the spirit of them. She KNOWS how much I have to do today, and she still can't respect me. She needs to get her own damned life and stop trying to ruin mine *fume*

    Half the time I wish I could just move out of the state to avoid HER influence in our lives. But if I did that, I'd miss out on all of the joy I get from living close to my friends and the great activities and culture available here in town. I feel so trapped. Just like when I lived with her as a teenager. Hells, I got married at 17 so that I could escape from her death grip! Not for love, but as a method of self-preservation! Married for Gods' sakes! No matter how much I tell her (and it HAS come down to this several times over the years) that I do not associate like people with her in my normal life, and that I only tolerate her because we are family, she still refuses to leave me the frag alone!

    And Ladybug isn't any better, coming home to talk back, argue, and tell me I don't care about her dream to be a flower girl when I'm doing all I can to make it happen for her. Then there's Littlebit with her obsession for saying "waah" while she's crying because she thinks it gets her more attention. *growl* I sent Little bit to her room already, and told Ladybug to shut up. My mother finally left the house, and if I hurry, maybe I can get in a few minutes of leg dangling before I have to take Ladybug to her bridal shower. Keebler has left the house to escape my wrath. *sigh*

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