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    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Absolutely Nothing

    The fish are missing. You heard me right, missing! No corpses, no bones, nothing, just gone. *poof* Don't know where they went, something probably ate them. Contemplating getting some snails from a local stream and putting them into the pond to eat the algae. Buying more fish tomorrow, possibly will go to a bait shop as they'll be cheaper there. Going to buy about 30 fish, just in case. We will eventually have some fish stay with us for more than a full week. *wry smirk* Would be nice to just go straight to the punch and buy some tilapia fingerlings and raise more food, but I don't know where to buy any locally. *sigh*

    The entire day conspired against me. This morning, I was awoke by someone running rampant through my house at breakneck speed. I found Rorschoreo gleefully sitting on the spare tire in the living room (don't ask). He had opened his cage door somehow and escaped to run amok. After going back to sleep, the phone rang. It was my daughter telling me to make sure to not do something that I wasn't going to do. *sigh* When we finally got out of bed to begin the day at around 2pm, we found that Rorschoreo had completely disassembled his cage from the inside out and escaped yet again. After a thorough search of the house we found him hiding under the computer desk. Keebler readied the large dog carrier, and we put him in there until we can afford to get (or make) him a new, more secure cage. Rorschoreo refused to sit still in my arms because the noises related to setting up the carrier were scaring him, and he managed to scratch several lovely holes in my flesh. I'm feeling much better now.

    My mother called right after all of this during the bandage application process (around 2:15pm) and informed me that she would be bringing the children (and some nice new plants she got for free somewhere) over in about an hour. Waiting for her to arrive, I began checking my email. At 4:30pm she calls me and informs me that she isn't coming over, and that she's keeping my children for another night. I swear if it weren't for the fact that I love this town so darned much, I'd leave just to escape from her obsessive controlling behaviors. Now, likely she's not doing it on purpose consciously, but I'd like her to stick to her word sometime! This makes two nights more than we had initially agreed upon that she has kept my girls. If it weren't for the fact that Ladybug has a wedding shower to go to, I doubt she'd let me have them tomorrow either. *growl*

    I had planned on going shopping...

    Heading outside to grab the mail, we discover that someone has left us a present. There was a bicycle frame in my yard, and a plastic grocery bag filled with egg cartons. My friend IE is supposed to stop by, but she did not because her computer was broken (I found out later). The egg cartons were from another friend that I met on Freecycle(tm)

    The rats have introduced themselves and finished establishing dominance now. They are getting along quite nicely. Bunny is getting bigger by the day, but on checking earlier today, I can feel no babies in her tummy. Maybe I'm feeling too early?

    Sat around the rest of the day checking email and waiting for something ANYTHING to happen. Keebler applied for a job at a nearby shoppe.

    Grumpy and in a seriously bad mood all day because I wasn't able to be productive like I had wanted to be.

    (A picture to liven up the post)

    Asked Keeb to do one simple thing today (with detailed instructions) and it took him 3 hours to do it, and I still needed to help. Started thinking about getting the plastic ready for the greenhouse, and it started to rain, bug fat, heavy drops onto my head.

    Really wanted to get some more seeds planted and the greenhouse plastic glued & taped together (redundancy is a good thing when one is considering security) and some shopping done. None of that happened. I am so tired, mentally exhausted even, and I have done almost literally nothing all day. *sigh* At least I got my email done.

    I guess the bills and shopping and all of that will have to wait for the jam-packed, exciting day of tomorrow when We will: have fun playing in the fountain at a homeschool event until we have to leave to attend a wedding shower until that is over when we will have to pick up some more pickle buckets, visit the library, pay library fines, pay all of the bills, and, if all goes well, hit the stores and go shopping. *pant pant* If we are REALLY lucky, maybe we'll get some of the non-priority things done that we wanted to complete today.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Hmm... wonder what happened to your fish. Perhaps a cat was on top of the barrel fishing them out? I'm so sorry you've had them snatched from you :-(

    And sorry you had such a rough day all around. *HUGS*