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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Yesterday: Forgot to Post

    Got the new bunny yesterday, and he's adorable! He's from a herd of show rabbits, and he is an entirely new coloration that the breeder is trying to get nationally recognized called "broke black". It's kind of like a paint horse. Very beautiful spotted black and white coat. Coming from a show herd, he has perfect confirmation, and is exceedingly healthy. I am currently weaning him slowly onto his new food so he won't suffer any dietary distress from a quick switch over. The rabbits sure seem pretty interested in each other with all the sniffing, chewing of blocks and tossing of food bowls that's going on over here I'd think they were showing off. *chuckle* I'm almost afraid if I don't let them breed soon, that the doe will somehow damage herself or her cage trying to get to him! *laugh* I'm not sure I buy into this whole antisocial rabbit thing.

    Friends visited yesterday as well and we had a great time chatting for a bit. One acquaintance of ours has been drafted (stupid back door draft calling up folks who are almost out of their reserve time first) & visited to tell us about it. We hope he fares well.

    Visited the library to exchange goodies again, then dropped off to Ladybug's biodad's house for conversation and puppy pettings. He has this adorable three legged dog who is so gentle with the children he can eat treats off of their faces! It's too cute. ~He usually has short hair, but he's growing it out to donate to Locks of Love~

    We were informed of the dumpster diving policies of both MSU and Drury campuses while out diving (by security guards). The fellow at Drury was really friendly. Come to find out theirs is a very recent policy instated because they found two homeless fellows (on two separate occasions) who were in the dumpsters there and could not extricate themselves without assistance. I completely understand the reasoning behind that diving ban. *laugh* The fellows at MSU, however, I'm not so sure about. They followed us with TWO security trucks (?!) and both drivers got out of their vehicles on opposite sides of the truck (what, they need backup?). They were polite and all, as they are required to be, but it was vaguely threatening, and I don't like that sort of treatment one bit. So anyway, since we have been asked to not scavenge on the campuses, we can't go back to dive or it would be trespassing, so those are out for the rest of the year. I will be asking for special dispensation for next year from the boards of both universities however. No worries though, because we have PLENTY of other places to dive the mass exodus than simply the campus dormitories. *grin*

    Last night we found:
    a vacuum cleaner, a wooden clothes drying rack, 2 area rugs, another cutesy chair to make into a planter holder, several trash cans, a couple of bags of clothes, a stripped computer box, electronic gaming magazines, a television, a decorative dolphin table lamp, some decorative gift bags, a basket, 4 books of wallpaper samples (AKA scrapbooker's delight scrapbooking starter book), a load of books (including college texts and fiction), some shoes, a zippered canvas bag, and some more wine bottles. This time we went with a friend who had a truck, so she got the trash cans, computer things, and several of the other goodies to take home for herself & her family. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I forgot to mention that we also managed to save from the landfill, but that was the majority of it.

    I forgot to post this last night like I was supposed to. I wrote it at 4:17am, but forgot to post instead of saving it as a draft. I guess I was out too late having fun! *chuckle*

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    Anonymous said...

    Wow, that's quite the haul. Good job :-) Oh, and congrats on the new bunny, very cute :-)