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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    ADHD - The Next Evolution of the Human Brain

    ADD/ADHD kids are the next evolution of the human brain. We, as humans, have been methodically increasing the amount our brains must process at one time for so long that the brain has evolved to be amazingly good at multitasking. This causes faster learning and absorption of knowledge & information, which leads to a true need for more things to occupy
    and stimulate the brain.

    Most kids who are "diagnosed" with these "disorders" are best "treated" by giving them more things to do, read, and learn, no matter where they are, school or home. Their brains are almost never at rest. That's why so many diagnosed kids complain of boredom at
    school and at home.

    A lot of these kids also have anger & control problems due mostly to the fact that they cannot slow their brains (thoughts) down enough to be considered "normal". They feel that they must control things outside of themselves because they cannot control themselves, and their anger at being "out of control" of their own selves is often directed at others because they feel helpless.

    Being the next evolution can be hard on a child, as nobody can seem to keep up with them, and they are always being told that they are wrong for expressing their true selves.

    Some kids are really lucky and get into advanced classes in school, or have parents who understand what is happening. The parents give them more options at home in activities, and talk with them about the anger and help them learn how to control their instincts in order to appear "somewhat normal".

    Even Ladybug has received negativity from neighbor kids because she uses big words naturally without thinking (and is happy to explain them when asked), and the other children think she is being a show-off or smart Alec. I literally had to tell her to use smaller words and shorter sentences when around other kids her age so they wouldn't think she was being a snot!

    Though this could be a condition of how I raise them and not just the diagnosed ADHD... (Ya know, all those big words we use in the house all the time in normal conversation, and Ladybug's college reading level) *chuckle*

    Just my opinion & experience


    moosie said...

    im really glad to see your thoughts on this on your blog after we talked about the same thing the other night. im all for science and medical research and all that, but come on, sometimes you just need to use some common sence people!

    Anonymous said...

    Aw, the poor thing. Having to "tone down" her intelligence to other kids can understand her :-( I don't know either, but I think
    it's probably at least as much the way you raise her as it is the ADHD. Which means she'd be *really* bored at public school, in all likelihood, unless she's also good at adapting, which is entirely possible being as smart as she is :-) How was that for a run-on sentence? LOL.


    Anonymous said...


    Luckly my kids hang out with people who encourage the big words and
    long sentences from their children too. I know when my kids go to the
    park or play with neighborhood kids, they never seem to understand each other. When I listen I know it is in part that my kids use their voculabaries, and I seldom to never hear slang from there mouths.


    Strike_for_peace said...

    ADHD is a myth..the symptoms usually discribed are just those found amongs normal healthy children. I worry about the increase in the number of submissive quite children...

    Anonymous said...

    Love the blog, we talked about it a few weeks ago too and i totally agree with you as i am one of these people who has had to deal with this all my life.
    Only thing i have to say is don't tell her to dumb herself down. i did that when i first moved to missouri cause most people could not understand my vocabulary and now i have found that i have lost a large part of it due to that. I am now working on rebuilding it and have found people who can understand true thought instead of just single sylable words.
    ok thats all i have for now. hope to see you tuesday.