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    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    The Newest Trick of the Telcoms & The Sheeple Aren't Complacent Enough to make the Govt Happy

    The Telcos Are Calling You
    May 24th, 2006 by tkarr

    A fellow blogger at “p2p Blog” just forwarded this tidbit on the latest telco-fueled effort to scare Americans to side with AT&T against Net Neutrality. Be on the alert for friendly callers bearing lies about increased costs to consumers.

    Here’s what “k0″ had to report about this latest telco effort to deceive customers:
    I just got a phone call by a nice lady that tried to persuade me that net neutrality is bad. Because there is an internet price increase coming really really soon, and Google wants me to pay for it.

    The dialog went something like this:

    (obligatory awkward call center pause)

    Her: “Hello, I’m calling from a non profit organization called TV 4 US, and we call consumers about an upcoming internet price hike. The big internet companies, like, (small pause) Microsoft want you to pay for that. Do you think that is fair?”

    Me, confused: “Uhm, what are you calling about?”

    Her: “The internet is going to be more expensive, because big companies like Microsoft and Google are wasting all our bandwidth. Do you think consumers should pay for that? Or should the big companies that are wasting the bandwidth pay for that?”

    At which point I tried to argue that companies use bandwidth because consumers use their services, but of course she was trained to end her call as soon as she would hit a road block.
    I managed to get a little bit of information about her non profit before she hung up tho: TV 4 US apparently doesn’t have a website. Maybe they want to save some of that precious bandwidth before Google and Microsoft are gonna waste it all. But they can be reached at 888-346-1400. Just in case you want to tell them what you think about dumbing down policy issues.

    Indeed, “TV 4 US” (they do have a Web site) is yet another AT&T-backed front group that is burning through telco cash to spread the lie that Net Neutrality will cost consumers.
    What’s really costing consumers isn’t Net Neutrality but the phone companies’ multi-million-dollar campaign to kill it. Companies like AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth have spent tens of millions of dollars on canned phone calls, advertisements, DC lobbyists and phony front groups to squash our genuine grassroots effort.

    Where do you think they get that money? That’s right. A portion of your phone bill goes towards creating campaigns that are designed to deceive consumers into acting against their best interests.

    For more on the telco fictions, check out this newly released report from Free Press, Consumer Union and the Consumer Federation of America.

    Note - I know nothing about this website below, but I do not doubt this reported story in the least considering how the country has been going and the "neighborhood spy & reporting" programs that have already been implimented in the last few years. An uprising is in order to prevent this.

    Keebler has a theory that the gov doesn't come up with the ideas of how to screw the public, the public does, and the gov just has such a good spy and eavesdropping network that they hear the horrors we describe, and decide to impliment them as "positive assistance methods for the helpless public". On that note, we need to fight this even if it is not already hapenning, just in case -

    Secret FEMA Plan To Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law

    Nationwide initiative trains volunteers to teach congregations to "obey the government" during seizure of guns, property, forced inoculations and forced relocation
    Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com May 24 2006

    A Pastor has come forward to blow the whistle on a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

    In March of this year the Pastor, who we shall refer to as Pastor Revere, was invited to attend a meeting of his local FEMA chapter which circulated around preparedness for a potential bio-terrorist attack, any natural disaster or a nationally declared emergency.

    The FEMA directors told the Pastors that attended that it was their job to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any of these eventualities. The first directive was for Pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13, the often taken out of context bible passage that was used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him, in order to teach them to "obey the government" when martial law is declared.

    It was related to the Pastors that quarantines, martial law and forced relocation were a problem for state authorities when enforcing federal mandates due to the "cowboy mentality" of citizens standing up for their property and second amendment rights as well as farmers defending their crops and livestock from seizure. It was stressed that the Pastors needed to preach subservience to the authorities ahead of time in preparation for the round-ups and to make it clear to the congregation that "this is for their own good."

    We have received confirmation from other preachers and Pastors that this program is a nationwide initiative and a literal Soviet model whereby the churches are being systematically infiltrated by government volunteers and used as conduits for martial law training and conditioning. The Pastor was told that over 13,000 counties were already on board.

    It falls under the umbrella of the NVOAD program which is training volunteers in a "Peer to Peer" program in a neighborhood setting.

    Pastors were told that the would be backed up by law enforcement in controlling uncooperative individuals and that they would even lead SWAT teams in attempting to quell resistance.
    Police provide cover for a FEMA house-by-house search in New Orleans.

    "We get the the picture that we're going to be standing at the end of some farmer's lane while he's standing there with his double barrel, saying we have to confiscate your cows, your chickens, your firearms," said Pastor Revere.

    The Pastor elaborated on how the directives were being smoke screened by an Orwellian alteration of their names.

    "They're not using the term 'quarantine' - this is the term they're going to be using - it's called 'social distancing' don't you like that one," said the Pastor.

    He also highlighted how detention camps had been renamed to give them a friendly warm veneer.

    "Three months ago it was quarantine and relocation centers and now it's 'community centers' and these are going to be activated at the local schools," he said.

    Pastor Revere outlined the plan to carry out mass vaccination and enforced drugging programs in times of crisis such as a bird flu outbreak.

    "In the event of an outbreak or a bio-terrorist attack, there'd be a mass vaccination....they have a program nationwide 'Pills in People's Palm In 48 Hours'," said the Pastor who was told that Walmart had been designated as the central outlet of this procedure.

    Pastor Revere said that many attendees believed in the necessity of the program and were completely unaware to the motivations behind its true purpose and were offered incentives to become volunteers such as preferential treatment and first access for themselves and their families to vaccines and food shipments in times of emergency.

    Which roads to close off after martial law was declared had also already been mapped out.
    The precedent for mass gun confiscation in times of real or manufactured emergency was set during Hurricane Katrina when police and national guard patrols forced homeowners even in areas unaffected by the hurricane to hand over their legally owned firearms at gunpoint as is detailed in the video below.

    In the following video Alex Jones exposes FEMA's deliberate sabotage of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts which were used as a platform for a beat test of forced relocation and gun confiscation.

    Alex Jones' 2001 documentary film 9/11: The Road to Tyranny featured footage from a FEMA symposium given to firefighters and other emergency personnel in Kansas City in which it was stated that the founding fathers, Christians and homeschoolers were terrorists and should be treated with the utmost suspicion and brutality in times of national emergency.

    We have highlighted previous training manuals issues by state and federal government bodies which identify whole swathes of the population as potential terrorists. A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement pamphlet gives the public characteristics to identify terrorists that include buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a drivers license and traveling with women or children.

    A Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists lists anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.

    Shortly after 9/11 a Phoenix FBI manual that was disseminated amongst federal employees at the end of the Clinton term caused waves on the Internet after it was revealed that potential terrorists included, "defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN, " and individuals who "make numerous references to the US Constitution." Lawyers everywhere cowered in fear at being shipped off to Gitmo.

    In December 2003 the FBI warned Americans nationwide to be on the lookout for people reading Almanacs as this could indicate an act of terrorism in planning. Almanacs are popular glove box inventory of any vehicle and this ludicrous fearmongering was met with a raucous response from satirists and news commentators.

    In another twilight zone Nazi-like spectacle, Pastors were asked to make a pledge or an affirmation during the meeting to fulfil the roles ascribed to them by FEMA. They were given assurances that they would be covered by full compensation in the event of resisters injuring them during property seizures and round-ups.

    The Pastor said that his county had already succumbed to a tattle-tale like mentality where neighbors were reporting neighbors to the authorities for things like having chickens in their back yard. The brown shirt precedent has been set whereby people immediately turn to the authorities in fealty whenever their paranoid suspicions, fueled by zealous government and media fearmongering, are heightened.

    Pastor Revere said the completion of the first stage of the program was slated for August 31st. At this point all the counties within the United States would be networked as part of the so-called disaster relief program.

    We issue a challenge to all of our readers to print off this article and the supporting documents and confront their local preacher with it. If they don't receive a response within a week they should investigate further into whether their preacher is involved and hand out information to other members of the congregation.

    Click here to listen to the Pastor's interview on the Alex Jones Show.

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    *Hmm... Christians and homeschoolers, eh? The Christian part I can understand, but homeschoolers? Just kidding about the Christian thing. LOL. Actually, I can understand why "they" would think homeschoolers are terrorists because we're not allowing our kids to be indoctrinated by the public school theocracy.

    A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement pamphlet gives the public characteristics to identify terrorists that include buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a drivers license and traveling with women or children.

    *Pretty much everybody. Hmm... So, who's going to move FAR into the "country"/backwoods into Bumfuck Egypt with us? :-)

    * Not only were there police and national guard doing it, but there were government hired "black" missionaries patrolling the streets as well :-( Heard the story and saw footage of them on Democracy Now (http://democracynow.org). If you get cable or satellite, check them out, as well as Free Speech TV (http://tinyurl.com/ayx78). You'll be shocked what the mainstream media ISN'T saying :-(

    * I was watching FSTV the other night and they were saying the "anyone who protests to try and facilitate policy change in the government" is considered to be a terrorist under the Patriot Act :-( People who do 'sit-ins' even. And once you're picked up and labeled a terrorist, it's a short step to being charged as an "enemy combatant", and then just another short step to being shipped of to Gitmo where you can be held INDEFINITELY without charges, and more than likely tortured. The government is now discussing when it's OKAY to torture people :-( So, how long before they start doing it WITHIN the united States borders? :-(((