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    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Dumpster Diving Season, Barbeque, Firewood, Snake

    We sorted the piece of luggage today and found a basketball (needs inflated, has no holes), a quesidilla maker, 15 small flower pots, an old fashioned camp stove (for use over a campfire or a sterno can), 10 tubes of iridescent wrapping paper and colored basket wrapping film, and a tennis racket. *laugh* And of course the pull-behind suitcase on wheels works perfectly too. *grin*

    Wandering into Ladybug's room, I find that we also found about seven new nail polishes, two new write-on wipe-off boards, and a small corkboard. (They wre hiding in her room on her windowsill)

    Prime diving season isn't over yet either. (it'll be going on for the rest of the month and the first week of next month as well), But I think I'll take a break from it tonight, as our house is, as I predicted, trashed. LOL We need to clean & sort before we try to bring in anything new again. I'll likely be out in the trash again tomorrow night. I need a nap :P

    The neighbors have a barbeque grill, and we had some ribs in the freezer, so this afternoon we had potatoes, barbecue ribs, and beer. *grin* YUM! They said when they move into their new place, they'll still come over to visit because we are "the best neighbors I've ever had". Aaw, we feel so loved! It doesn't hurt that they rock pretty hardcore too. Of course we shared the ribe & taters with them in exchange for letting us use their grill. *grin* Life is good.

    We picked up a lovely pile of firewood tonight from a fellow Freecycle(tm) member. We couldn't fit the larger peices into the car, but really, fo our camping season, these should be plenty, especially since we usually forage for wood in our wild sites. (we never pay for firewood either) I bet the rabbits would love some nicely seasoned natural oak chew sticks. *grin*

    While we were in the wood pile, Littlebit danced around us asking if we had found a snake yet. *laugh* The fellow had told us that there were garden snakes in the wood pile, so she was excited to no end. We eventually found one and presented it for her inspection. As you can tall from the picture, he was pretty tiny, but she was inordinately pleased to have made his aquaintence. *smile*

    Ladybug is at her grandma's house again for the night, getting in some relaxation before we put her back to work on her usual chores as well as helping us sort all the goodies we pulled out of the trash in the last few days. (she reaps bounty, she helps sort, reasonable rule.) *smile*

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