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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Cadburry, Frybread, & Motorcycles

    Our little friend Cadburry passed on this afternoon. She was a very good bunny. Sweet, affectionate, friendly, playful, and curious. It seems the food she was being fed before we got her was too high calcium content for her and it caused a bladder problem that we didn't notice until yesterday, which was too late. Though she left us, we know that she was happy and she knew she was loved, even in her last hours. Her body temperature had dropped, and we held her for most of the day, trying to keep her warm. When we weren't holding her, we kept her cozy with a heated sock full of beans, laid beside her. She will be missed. We sent her off with her favorite toys in a box filled with timothy hay. She had only been with us for a week this past Monday. We wish her many safe hours munching tender shoots in the afterlife.

    Last night the bar was empty save for us, the bartender, and one customer. Must've been the cold that kept everyone home. The DJ didn't even show up! Our regular bartender is "no longer with the bar", so we have to call him soon and find out what happened. If it's not one thing it's another, and sometimes it's both.

    In happier news, we had a visit from some friends, who made us frybread and reminded us how it is done. *smile* We still didn't get much done today. It seems like every time we have nothing to do outside the house and we have time to buckle down & get something done around here, someone comes over to spend the day. *sigh* Not that we don't LOVE having visitors, but it does set our schedule back a bit more than we'd like most times.

    Gave away a CDRW through Freecycle, worked in the kitchen, and arranged to possibly purchase a couple of motorcycles (great gas mileage) with sweat equity, skill & Knowledge exchange, and maybe a bit of product barter & cash thrown in for good measure. We'll see how that pans out this coming weekend.

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    Anonymous said...

    well if you want the downlow the bartender was fired for supposedly handing out free drinks and the DJ had to work late at another job and work on some business arangements for the near future.

    The Dolphin
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