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    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Cadburry Bunny

    We picked up our new bunny today! She's terribly adorable and very sweet for the most part. She likes to chew on clothing, so we're going to have to get her some fabric for bedding, and she gives kisses. She bit me once, but she was in the process of chewing my shirt, so I think it was an accident of caught skin. She may be a cadburry bunny because she makes this strange clucking noise sometimes. *laugh* Maybe she'll lay chocolate eggs instead of giving us baby bunnies? Only time will tell. Either way, I'm happy we could give her a good home. She came with a name: Bugs, and some food. She is a Dutch rabbit.

    In other news, The girls woke up early, boiled, painted, hid & hunted their own eggs in the yard. Talk about motivation! *laugh*

    We went to the library, where Ladybug's teen knitting club had been cancelled due to it's proximity to the holiday, signed a few petitions, received one free book, rented a couple of books on tape, some graphic novels, many DVDs for the kids, and put holds on several items. The free book is a simple story for kids, and was a gift from the school of metaphysics, who were holding a class at the library about Indigo Children.

    I made my first attempt at cheesy bread in the bread maker. It turned out beautifully, and we made the entire loaf into individual-sized vegetarian piazzas for the potluck. The piazzas were a hit with everyone. We stayed at The Radish for quite a bit longer after the potluck was over to help clean up, chat, and rearrange the space a bit.

    The girls really enjoyed staying up later than usual, and have, amazingly, gone straight to bed without prancing out of their room 7 times before they finally settled down. *smile*

    We did manage to gather the dandelions and prepare them for cooking tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to be fun.

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