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    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Sick of Waiting

    Decided to start a new habit today, daily walks. We've tried this before as a family, but always something comes up. The kids have a meeting, someone needs me, my email is taking too long (again), visitors at the door, business stuff needs done (immediately), there's always something.

    I am fed up with constantly having to wait to be able to do the things I wanted to do, so this afternoon I jumped out of my chair and declared that I was taking a walk. It wasn't a long one, and I had no real place to go, but it was something, and I didn't have to wait for anyone. I finished my email when I returned home.

    It was invigorating to just get up and do something on my own with nobody to hold me back or wait for before I could go. From now on, I'm walking alone, and if someone wants to accompany me, they'd better be ready to leave when I am, and they'd better be able to keep up!


    In other news, I have to ship product to another state by the 3rd, but I don't have the products ready yet because I'm waiting for a shipment of hemp seed oil which is, of course, late from the supplier. See what I meant about being forced to wait? *sigh* At least I have the special labels ready to go onto the packaging.

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    Anonymous said...

    "Decided to start a new habit today, daily walks."

    You know, last fall I decided I too would take daily walks, even if they were just around the border of the property. Unfortunately shortly after that it started getting cold, and I am NOT a person who really enjoys being in cold/uncomfortable weather, no matter how well I'm dressed :-P But, you reminded me of that little promise to myself, and I think I'll resume them. Thanks :-) - Rambleman