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    Friday, July 26, 2013

    King Size White Sheets

    Seeking white flat sheets, king size. The landlord came to do the inspection, and she wants me to take down the bubble wrap off the windows because "It looks bad". I think it's pretty and makes the windows look like they are made with or covered in a decorative glass coating, but whatev. Also, I don't want higher utility bills, these windows leak like a sieve! This is why I need the white sheets, if I hang them in the windows, they will still let light in, but block the ability of anyone to see in (or see that I have bubble wrap in the windows) So white sheet, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, the window covering that came with the place, and finally, my curtains. Sorry, she can say it's ugly all she wants, but I'm not having my utility bill go up by $80+ a month, just to satisfy her personal aesthetic preferences. She also told me that they were planning to have the windows and doors all replaced, and she'd put me 4th down on the list to get mine done. (not as promising as it sounds, because I still haven't had my busted door frames replaced/repaired, nor anything else that might cost more than $5 to fix, and I had to replace the latch-plate on my bedroom door myself because it wouldn't stay closed. But hey, it sounds nice... even though it is probably a bald-faced lie).

    The inspection that was done today wasn't so much an inspection as it was "I want to stick my head into every room in your house to make sure you are living how I think you should live, and this had nothing to do with maintenance at all, even though I told you that it did. Even though you are a great tenant who never causes trouble, isn't loud, gets along great with the neighbors, reports trouble when you see it, and always pays your rent on time, I don't trust you and I think you are doing something wrong or illegal in that apartment, so I am going to (barely) legally find a way to spy on you". Very not happy AT ALL with this bullshit.

    So she's working on writing up a lease renewal for me, and sometime next week, I'll be looking for the owner's name and contact information so that I can call him about her. I don't know if this is some sort of discrimination based on my hairstyle, the fact that I sleep days and work nights, or she's just this insane to everyone, but it's wrong and unprofessional, and I won't stand for it.

    I am very much not pleased, and as soon as I can save up to get a down payment on my own home, I am applying for a loan and getting the freak out of anything that belongs to anyone else, ever again! I am sick and freaking tired of this crap that I get from landlords all the time. I settle in, and they all want more money, or to start telling me how to live, or to invade my privacy, or to offer me a "better" place in some other property so they can make more money off of college kids renting my current location, or some other such nonsense. I'm also sick of my money going to make other people rich. But for now, I'll have to make do with saving up as much as I can to move into a different place, and doing just that, as soon as the growing season is over.

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