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    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    Passive-Aggressive Landlord Notes

    Got a letter on my door from my landlord today stating that they were not going to renew my lease, and I needed to be out of my apartment by the end of next month. The letter said that this was based on the fact that I did not allow them into my house when I was asleep (Didn't want them waking me up) to change the filters, and instead did it myself instead. Seems they needed to do an "inspection" after they bought the place, and I "refused", so I need to get the feck out.

    I can't afford to move on short notice, I don't make that much money in a month! Deposit, first month rent, moving van rental, gas fees, utility and internet transfer fees, and so much more, plus the fact that I just fnally almost finished unpacking from the last move! (I am REALLY busy)... Talk about starting a panic attack! ((0.o))

    After taking a few minutes to compose myself (not calm down, just be able to act calm-ish), I went to the landlord and asked them what I did wrong that they wanted me to no longer be their tenant. Come to find out, this note is like the other over-the-top passive-aggressive notes that the landlord hands out (Like the angry one to pet-owners, complete with a few sentences in all caps and bold, that went out to everyone, whether they had a pet or not), and the (much more reasonable than usual) note at the pool (pictured above).

    What they meant to say instead of "The landlord does not intend to renew your lease..." and "If you fail to vacate the premises by the above date, the landlord will commence eviction proceedings against you..." was "We were wondering what you planned to do at the end of your lease. Did you want to renew?". But somehow, copying the lease I signed, and highlighting the part of it that I supposedly infracted (I didn't break the lease, this was just intimidation), then writing about my "refusal of inspection" on the "Notice of lease expiration" form seemed to the landlord to be the right thing to do at the time.

    Why in the bloody hells, the landlord chose this form, I have no flaming clue. From what I have come to understand after a visit to the office is that the landlord just grabbed the closest document that looked like it might do the job, and used that instead of writing a quick note or dropping me a phone call about the subject like a sensible human being.

    I really like it here. The location is nice, the grounds are well-kept, and it's like going back in time to when people talked to eachother, and neighbors were actually neighborly! If it weren't for the exceedingly bizarre (read passive-aggressive, unstable, frightening, and nearly-sociopathic) way that the landlord often communicates, this would be a damned-near perfect place to live.

    But I'm not getting kicked out or asked to leave, according to the landlord's assistant. I just need to let them into my house for an inspection. They are doing some inspections tomorrow, so they'll drop in after they are done with those, and do mine, in the morning... ACK! Time to shove the clutter into boxes like, NOW!

    It's still panic, and I still might be asked to leave, but this way I have a chance to fight for the right to stay put for another year (or at least until I find something better and can save up to move).

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