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    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Testing, Testing 1,2, Oops!

    Been feeling really great for the past few days now, with very little soreness or overt tiredness, so when a friend of mine got stranded about 250 miles north of my hometown, I decided to go out with DH to pick him up. Not only that, but I took a shift driving, and printed out several geocaches to find on the way up.

    We found 8 caches! I hiked on some pretty serious rocky terrain, traipsed through three fields, and felt great the whole time.

    I thought I was in the clear and all better, but once we got to the hotel and I ate FAR too much of a burger that was WAY too big, I really started to feel it.

    So I'm not better enough to pick up and really do what I'd like yet, as I had hoped. I'm very sore, extremely tired, and my tummy hurts from eating too much.

    I took 1/4 of one of my serious pain pills, and that did the trick to take the edge off the worst of the pain.

    But despite how much I am hurting, it was SO worth it! (especially since I'm not experiencing any other, more serious complications)

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to back off a bit tomorrow, when we head back with our passenger to prevent this from happening again. I will be geocaching again tomorrow, but not nearly as many, and I'll likely not do any driving until we get back into our home town.

    Lesson learned?

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    Todd said...

    Good to hear you're feeling a lot better. *hugs* Hope DH is doing okay too.