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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Still Laughing at Us All: Vince Pollock 1986-2010

    Our friend that we knew as Vinnie Sunshine passed from us this week.

    What can I say about Vinnie that could honestly do him justice? Nothing, really. Vincent Pollock was, in his short time here, simply too much.

    Vinnie was a complex and multi-faceted man, despite his chronological youth. None of us REALLY ever fully knew him, there was just so much to know. He would call you up in the middle of the night to get together and talk about nothing in particular, which would usually end in a philosophical discussion of some sort.

    A tall Canadian, he could hold his liquor like nobody else I've ever known, supported the local music scene, and rarely passed up an opportunity to have fun with friends.

    His constantly-rotating collection of snarky, rude, or simply insulting t-shirts was his fashion trademark, and to his friends, seeing him in a suit was like landing on an alien planet. He pulled that of beautifully too though, always looking like he had been made to wear whatever it was that he dragged from his closet that day.

    Vinnie was a self-professed asshole, and he had incredible skills at convincing everyone that that's who he was. He was fully uncensored, all the time, and nearly always went straight for the shock value, regardless of the situation. It was second-nature to him to be an insensitive jerk on the outside, where everyone could see, and that's just one of the multitude of reasons why we all loved him.

    He had a huge, honest smile and amazing wit that he shared openly with nearly everyone he met, and a strong, warm hug that encompassed those he cared for.

    A graduate of MSU, Vincent Pollock helped a lot of people, donating his hair to Locks of Love, and donating to several charities, one of his favorites of which was Operation Smile.

    He was wise beyond his years at times, a great conversationalist with a huge vocabulary, and an avid student of human nature.

    A comic to the finish, very few of us knew that he had experienced trouble with depression for most of his life, and when we learned that he had shot himself, we didn't know what to think. A good majority of us expected him to pop out of the closet, come out from behind or underneath something at any moment, laughing his balls off about how he fooled us and we were such "pussies" for crying about him being gone, so that we could then proceed to kick his arse...

    But that never happened.

    Many of us have changed our Facebook avatars to photos of him, in honor of his passing. His friends threw multiple impromptu gatherings in honor of his life, and a local bar held a memorial for him as well, with all profits and donations being given to a charity in his name. His private, family funeral is tonight.

    He had great taste in friends, and a huge "fan-base". His friends ranged widely across the spectrum of humanity, from geeks and freaks, to DJs and bar owners, businesspeople to high society, and he both wooed and insulted them all, somehow, endearing himself to everyone in the process.

    His last words to the world, posted Tuesday, June 8th, at 2:39am: "dial q for quintessence".

    Vinnie, you have irrevocably imprinted yourself onto out hearts and souls. We could never forget you even if we wanted to, and for that, I thank you. Your short time here, and your massive intelligence, enlightened the world. You made an impact that can never be erased. You may not be here in body, but your spirit lives on strong in all of us, and you will never be far from our thoughts.



    Advertising poster for one of his memorials

    Vinnie's Online Ghost

    To offer condolences to his family

    "Death is inevitable. Pregnancy is a sexually transmitted parasite with a 100% mortality rate. Pregnancy kills
    everybody involved. The nurse, the doctor, everybody. That shit's worse than ebola!" -Vince Pollock

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    Anonymous said...

    This was amazing. It truely describes our Vinnie Sunshine. He will be greatly missed.