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    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Medical Mayhem

    Well, not exactly mayhem, per say... In fact, everything's going right according to the proper schedule, according to my doctor. But is sure does make for a fabulous title, doesn't it? *chuckle*

    I feel like some of the people in my life think I'm milking this. I feel like I never get to simply rest, since I'm always up cooking, cleaning, or working on the computer. If I try to nap, I'm needed, so I just gave up trying a while back. I'm still hormonal and I fell like noone understands me. I'm doing too much while everyone says I'm not doing enough.

    Half the time, R is bossing me telling me to lay down and let my healing body rest, and the other half of the time, he's asking me to do things. I figure if it feels like I'm pushing, stretching or whatever, my body, then I shouldn't be doing whatever it is, even if it is "just putting away the groceries".

    I've been shedding old blood for a few days now. My doctor tells me that it's probably from the holed the dissolving stitches left when they did their thing, and that it's normal for my stage of healing.

    I'm feeling pinching and itching on my insides that I can only attribute to the healing of my stitched areas internally. It's even worse when I have to go potty, and I think that's because the bladder is rubbing against my stitches when it's full.

    I'm really not allowed to get the rest I need at the moment. We just realized that DH may have a serious medical condition, one that prevents him from really helping around the house as much as he'd like, and as much as I need him to right now. He'll be heading to the DR tomorrow to get our suspicions checked out, and I'll be calling up to see if the order for a home health aide for me has gone through so that I can finally get some much needed rest.

    I thought that I was simply expected to be up and about, walking, running errands, and doing light housework by now, so that's what I've been doing. No naps, no strong pain meds, no nothing. We've been visiting friends, going to community events (with my walker), and all sorts of stuff. No cabin fever for me, but I'm always achy. I guess I've been pushing too hard again and not knowing it. After all, I don't know how all of this is supposed to go!  I'm glad that I have the HysterSisters website to help me understand this process, because otherwise, I'd be completely lost and confused.

    Today I had to take my pain meds again. I slept in the recliner last night because DH was hurting me with all of his twitching, rolling, and flopping. He didn't mean to, he was just hurting really bad, and couldn't get comfortable. Today was also my first nap since I got out of the hospital too. I was SO sore!

    This evening was much better after I took the meds though, so after dinner, we went for a short walk, and he made me promise to tell him if he was flopping too much in bed tonight, and he'd go sleep out in a recliner. He's so sweet to me. *smile*

    I have noticed that my own toilet at home is the only one that I can BM in without a lot of pain. I figure it is probably made for short people, so I don't have to strain so hard to balance myself in the process.

    Other than that, I've noticed that Percocet seems to have the effect of helping to manage my ADHD. I think where, in a neurotypical person, it slows the reflexes and all of that, it also slows my brain down, but to a more "normal" speed, so I can now think like people who don't have ADHD! I'm not going to complain about that one, that's for sure! *laugh*

    Had my first night sweat the day before yesterday. It was interesting, but not too bad. Hopefully that's as bad as my body wants to get, thought I've heard that fat holds estrogens, and I AM overweight, so I'm thinking that my body might be holding some remnants of estrogen, even though my ovaries were both removed.

    I am very much missing my testosterone though. This easily-tired, moody, and weak stuff is getting really old, really fast. It's like I'm a different person entirely, and I'm getting really fed up with it, really quick.

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    Todd said...

    Sorry about not feeling as good as you want. *hugs* I'm sure the easily-tired is just the universe's way of saying "slow down already". That's what I was forced to do about 10 years ago, yet I still tend to over do it frequently. *sigh*

    Hope that DH isn't too 'sick' with whatever and it's easily treatable. *hugs for him too*