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    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Judicial System: Still A Fail

    The court case went on, but I got a call about it the day after it happened, so I couldn't be there. Seems that the male registered a plea bargain, so instead of it being his sentencing hearing as i was told it was going to be, it was just him entering his plea officially.

    At least I didn't miss much.

    But his next court date is sometime in January. The entire holiday season, I get to worry about my kids seeing him out and about. If they do, it may ruin their holiday, and E's birthday too, depending on when/if they see him. It's something a mom worries about.

    As of the 25th of this month, it will have been a year since his offense.

    So much for justice being swift.


    DogBeard said...

    God willing, you, nor the little ones, will have to see his face again, or at least until after his sentencing. Bless you...I am here for you if you need an ear.

    Whimspiration said...

    Tanks for your support. *smiles & hugs*