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    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Judicial System Fail

    We were supposed to go to court the other day.

    we were supposed to see an accused child molester get his just sentencing.

    We were going to rejoyce that our city's streets were once again a little safer...

    But that wasn't to be the case.

    In fact, nothing happened at all.

    Why, you might ask?

    Because the judge decided that he needed the day off at the last minute. Not that he called in sick or anything, he just decided not to go to work.

    So we can conclude that because of the flighty nature of a single person, an unregestered sex offender that plead guilty on his case, is STILL wandering free on our streets, and none of our community's families can be duly warned via the normal routes of checking the sex offender databases online.

    Lovely, huh?

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    . said...

    Everything's gunna be all right. *hugs*