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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Auction Party!

    I have planned a special, super-fun Tupperware party for you!

    At my party, you will see the new face of Tupperware, and earn play money called Tupperbucks, that you can use for the auction for real Tupperware at the end of the party!

    Even better; You can start earning your Tupperbucks RIGHT NOW!

    Here's how to start earning Tupperbucks immediately:

    $1000 ~ Attend the party.

    $1000 ~ Arrive on time.

    $1000 ~ Print & bring this invitation with you.

    $2000 ~ RSVP

    $6000 ~ Triple Bonus! Bring an uninvited adult guest. (earn Tupperbucks for each extra adult guest you bring!)

    $4000 ~ Bring an order other than your own. (full online catalog available at http://my.Tupperware.com/kryistina for pre-party browsing)

    $5000 ~ Bring a completed guest list with you for the party that you will host.

    You can earn even more Tupperware during the party itself, so bring yourself, bring a friend, and let the fun begin !


    Going once…Going twice…Going three times…

    See you there!!!

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