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    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Accused Child Molester Loose in Springfield !

    New to me news

    *Unregistered, accused** child molester, Clifton Junkins is again loose on the streets in Springfield.

    After the News-Leader's full-color front page article on Saturday, April 4th of 2009, stating that he had "reportedly" confessed, and his subsequent arrest, he was held in jail, in protective custody for his own safety.

    He was released from jail early this month on his own reconnisance, with restrictions to not contact any person under the age of 17.

    He has been out and about, including places where everyone knows there are regularly a large number of children and teens.

    As this male has not finished his court proceedings, he is NOT regulated by ANY of the sex offender laws. This means that he can legally live near your child's school and all of the other things that are prohibited for registered sex offenders.

    Since the time of this picture, and his release from jail, he may have shaved his beard and cut his hair short. He is 5'3, and looks very young when clean-shaven.

    *Only the facts of the matter have been reported in this article. Opinions and personal beliefs have been edited out to ensure clarity and accuracy.

    **As he has not legally been found guilty at this time, I must say that he is simply "accused". When he is found guilty of his crime(s), I will be allowed to say "CONVICTED".

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    Faith said...

    I'm glad to see this information so I can keep my kid safe. We will be alert when we're out and about in town.