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    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    You're Invited!

    You are cordially invited to my Tupperware Online Party!

    I am hosting this Online Party to tell you about all of the new great products Tupperware has to offer to simplify your kitchen, home, and life GET FREE TUPPERWARE!

    Tupperware is the only lifetime guaranteed, environmentally sound, green solution to saving food and money.

    Please click this link to begin browsing through the geat products and special offers available only through my online party.

    The best part of hosting or attending a party online is that you never have to leave your house, or even get dressed! Browse and order from home, and get your new Tupperware delivered right to your door, no matter where you live in the U.S.!

    Press play on any of the videos below to learn more about the product from consultants worldwide and watch Tupperware in action!

    Quick Chef, Spatula, Chef Series Knives, Measuring Spoons, & Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend; Let's make Mango-Pineapple Salsa!

    Microfiber Cloths and Towels


    With 111 items under $20, and the best space-saving colander in the universe (the Flat Out colander) at only $10, Tupperware is a great way to save time, space, and money in your kitchen, and your life!

    Kids & Their Tupperware: Ice Prism Sparkly Bowl

    Ergonomic Corkscrew - Never Pry a Cork out of the Bottle Again!

    FlatOut Colander
    ~Flat Out colander unavailable after August 28th, so get it quick!~

    Bored Brits & FlatOut Bowls - Lighthearted Fun

    Blooming Teas, Loose Leaf Teas, Tea Infuser, & Scones
    (White China items not available at this time, feel free to skip that portion of this video)

    Fridge Storage

    Kitchen Shears

    Kids & Their Tupperware: Shape-O-Ball = Hours of Fun!

    Modular Mates: Dry Goods Storage

    Cake & Cupcake Transport & Storage. Works great for Jello shots too!

    Twistable Peeler

    How sturdy is Tupperware? They towed a car with it!

    Be sure to click on the link above to ensure that you're participating in my Tupperware Online Party. My Party will last until Aug. 31, 2009 (EST). If you have any questions, please call this toll-free number: 1-888-693-6372.

    Thanks for participating in my Tupperware Online Party!

    Feel free to tell all your family and friends too, and let them in on the great goodies and special deals that you can only get at an online party! Everyone's invited!

    Imagine life on your terms; more time for family, friends and fun, more flexibility and true financial freedom.

    Stop asking yourself why you don't have the time, happiness, health, and money you desire. Instead, ask yourself; "Why not? Invest two minutes of your time; call toll free 1-866-376-7518 to hear about the Tupperware opportunity, then call a consultant toll free at 1-888-693-6372. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you get started on the path to your dreams!

    The lifestyle of Tupperware leaders is nothing less than wonderful! Trips, diamonds, cars and cash bonuses are just a few of the perks you can find in Tupperware.

    * Consultants and/or websites advertised in some of the videos are not a part of my Tupperware party. Only the links provided here will let you join my party. Videos used with permission from their respective owners.


    BETHANY said...

    AND IF YOU LOVE THE SPACE SAVING, SENSIBLE FLATOUT COLANDER (it stores in about an inch of space in your cupboard until you need it and then just pop it out and voila! you have a colander!)YOU HAD BETTER HURRY BECAUSE IT IS DISCONTINUED AND GOING AWAY AS OF AUG. 29TH !!

    bethany said...

    wesley loves tupperware, too! go to www.tuppertube.com and find wesley! he loves the CARS COLLECTION!

    Whimspiration said...

    Thanks for the tip Bethany!

    TupperTube Rocks (& Serves) *chuckle*