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    Monday, August 10, 2009


    Hello, my name is Kryistina, and I'm a Tupperware addict.

    One of my favorite toys as a child was my precious Tupperware rolling pin and pie-crust sizing mat. I used it all the time in my little toy kitchen that my mother had set up in the alcove just off of our real kitchen when I was five years old. I used that little set long after the toy kitchen was sold at a yard sale. Into my late childhood, I used that rolling pin, mat, my mother's orange peeler, and the adorable little cookie-cutters to augment my only piece of Play-Dough equipment, the creative press. You remember, that thing you could make real pasta in if you honestly wanted to? Yeah, I loved my sculpting tools, even at an early age.

    I was also in love with my mother's Tupperware pitcher. A relatively ugly textured thing in some odd shade of powdered gold nearing to off-white, and a strange frilly design stamped in the side and painted that iconic color of the 1970's, harvest gold. Most people these days call that "baby poop yellow", but the rich brown, avacado green, harvest gold, and nearly neon orange were the shades of the era, and since Tupperware lasts forever... She had that pitcher for a long, long time. It never spilled when it was closed, it held your drinks fresh for what seemed like forever, and it was easy to spot in the fridge as always containing some treat that I was allowed to have without asking permission first.

    I used that pitcher in my very first-ever business venture too. A Kool-Aide stand at the edge of the road. Now, my stand was different than everyone else's by far. Not just because I had more than one flavor of beverage, but because I had to pay for my own overhead like a real business. Now, my mom mixed the drinks for me and made the ice cubes, but I had to pay for the sugar and packet of fruity flavor out of my gross income. At 6 years old, I knew the basics of running a business, and at fifteen cents a glass, my profits were impressive. The income really soared, however, when I hired my best friend, a petite blonde girl, to wear her frilliest dress and stand by my little table curtsying at the passing cars. We had a profit-sharing deal, and she earned five cents for every cup of drink i sold while she was working with me... I've got business in my very genetic structure.

    Which all explains why I am now your Tupperware lady. Not only do I get to make really good money having fun, meeting new people, and sharing my passion and love for Tupperware, I also get to give away FREE Tupperware and get great discounts on it myself for my own kitchen.

    And boy how Tupperware has changed over the years! Just the other day, I had a party where we made mixed alcoholic drinks and cracked jokes. There are all sorts of Tupperware party formats these days, and if there isn't one that appeals to you personally, I can work with you to create something that is truly original and all your own.

    Even joining our happy Tupperware family is customized! To start with, there are two kits you can pick from when joining the Tupperware family of independent consultants. One is a very basic set with some of the necessary goodies to get you started and a few pieces so you can have your first couple of parties, and the more executive set is much lovelier, containing about $500 in Tupperware alone (not counting the cost of all the promotional materials that come with the kit). And you can join the team for any reason, from wanting a discount on your own Tupperware, to being serious about building a thriving business of your own. it's fun,, easy, and the perfect fit for anyone who loves Tupperware! *grin*

    Can you guess which kit I bought? Can you guess why?

    It's probably not the reason you might think, knowing me as well as you do.

    It wasn't because it is the better deal, or because it saves me money in the long run. Both are true, but not the real, deep-down reason I picked it.

    Nope, the pure and simple fact is that the executive kit is the one that had the pitcher that I loved so dearly as a child.

    And I just HAD to have that pitcher.

    So go check out my Tupperware website, see how things have changed, and contact me to schedule a party so I can give you free Tupperware too!

    Oh, and that lifetime guarantee? It's still in effect, and still covers everything that has ever been sold since the company started. If you have something broken, cracked, or melted due to over-love and constant use through generations contact me about that too, and I'll get you a free replacement.

    And when you decide you want to join the Tupperware family and achieve your dreams with the Tupperware business opportunity.... Well I can help with that too. *smile*

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    Evil said...

    checked out your web page, found things in purple, I think I will have a party after my next candle party.