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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Really, Really Free Market! Free!

    There's a Really, Really Free market in Springfield, Missouri!

    What is a Really, Really Free Market, you ask?

    A Really, Really Free Market is sort of like a FreeBee...

    Okay, it's exactly like a FreeBee.

    Bring usable stuff you no longer want and take away things you do, while meeting new people in the process.

    Save the planet, recycle, upcycle, reuse, share, or whatever you want to call it, it's a totally free event, with totally free stuff, and totally great people.

    There will be toys, books, clothes, and more, in all sizes, and for all ages when the event begins, and more variety guaranteed as the day goes on and items begin to rotate through with the attendees, so come one come all!

    This Saturday between 7am-7pm at 818-822 West College in downtown Springfield. Parking available across the street.

    The community center hosting the event has asked that there be no furniture, televisions, microwaves, or computer monitors brought in due to space and storage constraints. Please bring only clean, and reusable items, as the center does not have laundry or repair facilities.

    Repairable bicycles in any condition, folding tables, and functional bookshelves are welcome, and will be accepted as donations to the center for current and ongoing projects.

    Be there, or be... well, bored.

    Did I mention that it's Free?


    Happiness said...

    Hello Lady! This is Heather from Nebraska. We met a the gathering of the tribes about three years ago, worked the kitchen together and our kids (mine are Isaiah & Isabella) played a ton. You have been on my thoughts recently so today I checked out your blog and read your past entries. My thoughts are with you & the girls, and I send you all a lot of good energy. You are a strong and wonderful woman.

    Whimspiration said...

    I miss you too. You and your family are on my mind pretty regularly. Do you still have my email address? I'd love to chat sometime, but I know how busy your family usually is too. *smile*

    Thanks for dropping by.