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    Sunday, March 08, 2009

    Fifty Things

    Well, several months ago, my computer's screen went wonky. It wouldn't display correctly at all, so I had to hook my beloved portable notebook computer to a stationary monitor so that I could use it.

    I wasn't sure if it was the screen or the video card that was bad, but I didn't have the money to fix either, so I just let it be. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

    Not long after that, my H key decided to pop off, so for the last few months I have been typing with it trying to fly off the keyboard, and being forced to check all of my typing to make sure there are no H's missing.

    Later, there seemed to be something wrong with my power connector, so I took my machine to a friend's house and we opened it up to check what was wrong. Come to find out, we hadn't needed to open the machine up at all, because the problem was the power cord...

    But when we were putting the computer back together, we used a screw in the wrong place, and cracked the LCD screen...

    So my generous friend (who had handed me the wrong screw) ordered me a new LCD.

    And we replaced the cracked one a week later, to discover that it was the screen that was the problem all along, and my happy machine was finally portable again! (as soon as I got the replacement power cord in from the manufacturer.)

    And the power chord came in, and it worked perfectly, and life was divine.

    All except for my H key.

    And the machine running WAY too slow...

    SO I ran some spyware and virus removal programs, and a registry cleaner.

    And the machine ran much faster...

    And I took it to Vision Con.

    Where it couldn't get online at all for some odd reason.

    Somehow, either something infected my computer while I was at the convention, through their wireless network, without me getting online, or one of the programs I used had eaten my ability to get online.

    But I reverted the computer to a moth before, and now it works to get online, even though I am missing some programs and such that I had installed from GOTD for free. I may have to wait for several months before I see them again, or possible never get them back at all, but the computer works, mostly.

    Then the H key started working too well, typing doubles when I hit it, and even activating when I had only hit a key nearby...

    But a friend of mine has a very similar notebook, and the company just sent her a new keyboard because her machine is under warranty.

    And she is going to let me have her old keyboard, so that I can fix mine with parts from hers!

    But her hubby hasn't installed it yet. And I'm not going to until he says I can because he's a computer tech and he specializes in computer repair and networking, so I don't want to step on his toes, especially in his own home.

    But he's been so busy lately, and it's been near three weeks that my friend has had her replacement keyboard sitting on her bookshelf...

    And now, my N key is failing to activate when I press it too, and the H key is off of the computer all the way...

    If it's not one thing, it's fifty!


    Rambleman said...

    Yikums! Hope it gets fixed soon. *HUGS*

    lovelife said...

    hi have not talked with you in a few weeks.
    hope you are all ok.