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    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    Hectic Returns

    Well, my mother is back in her own house now. The girls and I were supposed to go and visit her the other day and bring her some things, but she called and left a message on my voice mail saying not to bother bringing the things she had wanted, because she was coming home instead! Of course, this really boggled the hells out of me, especially since we still had some minor things to finish up at her place before it would be ready for her, most of which were simply time-intensive and required us to wait around for things (like her pillows in the dryer and such).

    Of course, the sudden change of plans threw off everything else I had going for the day, so the girls missed one of their classes, I missed an appointment with a friend to make some money for us both, and lost out on both turning my cans in for recycling and returning bottles to the dairy for their deposit refund.

    All of that made for a busier day the next day, as I woke up super-early (for me), so that I could try to cram in everything that I had missed out on the day before, in addition to everything I had already planned for that day. *pulls out hair*

    We did eventually get it all done, though, and have just the regularly scheduled tasks ahead of us for the next little bit (aside from being at my mother's beck and call for the next three months because she isn't allowed to drive, that is.)

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