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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    Vision Con is a GO!

    In case you didn't catch it in a recent post, Vision Con is a go this year! After skipping a year due to the hotel being sold, this year's convention is scheduled for a little earlier than usual, on January 23rd-25th.

    Preparation is already in full swing at our house, and the place smells like a warm summer fruit basket. I sure missed that smell. *smile*

    Anyone know someone with a bit of time on their hands who is willing to customize an OSCommerce website? It won't take long, I promise. *grin* I pay in barter, and my trades are awesome!

    To get tickets and room information, please visit VisionCon.net.


    lovelife said...

    Thank you for being such a cool friend.

    Anonymous said...

    I could do it, most likely.

    It's not looking good for attending Con, though. While I could probably muster the money to get up there, I definitely couldn't muster the money to get in, even for a day.