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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Gettin' Busy

    I'm almost done ordering all the things I need for the convention, and only a couple of snags remain firmly embedded in my plans.

    I can't seem to find two of the containers I need for my products anywhere. It seems that my original suppliers stopped carrying them, and I'm really playing heck locating them elsewhere. I really don't want to switch container types, but that may indeed be what I end up needing to do if I cant find the proper packaging soon.

    In other news, I finally located my distributor for the quality organic hemp oil I prefer to use, and though their website is down, I have been able to place an order. Unfortunately, there's not a huge demand for good (read both organic and well-filtered) hemp oil in their experience, so they don't normally carry it in their regular stock, and it may take a good week for them to get it in, which even with the fastest possible shipping, is going to run my production right down to the line.

    It's not something I enjoy, but I've done it before, and we should be alright, with a little bit of luck, as it says in the song. *smile*

    Money is really tight, and I've placed my hold on the convention room, but there's a new agreement with the hotel and the convention that con-goers must pay for their rooms in advance, when they check in, so I won't be able to wait until I make some money back before I pay my "rent" for the two days of the convention, yet another snafu, but one that, again, we will persevere. *sigh*

    On the other hand, I will have all of my profits available when I get home, and not have to count everything there at the convention in order to get the budgeting and paperwork completed correctly. Trust me when I say that's a really happy bonus when you haven't slept in nearly 36 hours.

    I have visiting to attend to, work to do, shopping to finish, and house clearing to complete before the convention, all while taking care of (and educating) the kids and trying desperately to find a way to allocate time to do my laundry at a public facility since my washing machine is busted.

    Hey, at least life is finally returning to "normal", right? *chuckle*

    And I managed to find the time to tell you about it, too! *grin*

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