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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    New Beginnings: Weelky Weight Report

    Here I am as promised, with the first of many new weekly weight reports. Feel free to join right in and play along with me in the pound-shedding game. Just post your weights in the comments, and we can cheer each other on towards our mutual successes!

    There's tenths of a pound now, as my new scale reads in tenths as well as full pounds.

    Starting weight (August 2007): 319lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 2o4lbs
    Current Weight: 205.4 lbs
    Shed Weight: -1 lbs
    Total drop to date: 113.6 lbs
    Weight Goal: 135lbs
    Pounds to Loose: 70.4

    Since my last weigh-in didn't include any tenths, I can't be sure if I lost a few tenths, gained a whole pound, or somewhere in-between, but there is the weight of the day for your viewing pleasure. *chuckle*

    Vision-con is always a bit odd on the weight loss front, as all of the extra exercise usually gets my muscle mass up a bit before I return to my regularly scheduled lifestyle and activity levels, and the quick food and constant snacking with no real meals really throws my entire life-plan for a loop.

    Back on track for next week's weigh-in, I'll get some good rest to recover from the convention, and get back to my family's usual life.

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    Rambleman said...

    Good luck on that hard to achieve weight loss. Hope that the Vision-Con was good for you.