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    Monday, December 01, 2008

    Delightfully Decadent Eco-Decor: Fall & Winter Series; Spiced Candles

    The fourth in our inexpensive recycled autumn & winter crafts series for 2008 is the spiced candle.

    Ages 10+
    (5+ can help parents or older children with some steps)


    • Clove & cinnamon essential oil,
    • Vanilla-scented candle wax bits in clear. (small bag)
    • Fallen autumn leaves
    • Glass baking dish
    • Corn cob holders
    • Stirring stick or spoon
    • Large pan (that the baking dish will fit into)
    • Scissors
    • Whatever else strikes your fancy from your outdoor collection bag or kitchen (nuts, seeds, twigs, spices)
    • Pillar candles (unscented, vanilla, pumpkin, gingerbread, or apple work best, but pine may also be used)

    1. Place vanilla wax into glass dish and add one drop each of the essential oils.
    2. Put 2 cups water into the large pan.
    3. Place glass dish into large pan and heat on medium-high until wax is melted.
    4. Stir wax to incorporate the essential oils well.
    5. Put corn cob holders into the tops of the pillar candles.
    6. Remove label from bottom of candle.
    7. Roll candles in melted wax for one full turn, carefully avoiding touching the bottom of the pan.
    8. Artfully arrange decorative herbs, spices, and findings on the hot wax.
    9. Roll the candle again in the scented wax and let sit on waxed paper to cool.
    10. Cut out the waxed paper the candle was sitting on to fit the candle.
    11. (optional) Create your own custom under-candle label.
    12. Remove corn-spear from top of candle, and place in the bottom of the candle.
    13. Dip top of candle in melted wax.
    14. Let candle cool on it's side for 2 minutes.
    15. Roll candle in melted wax once more.
    16. Remove corn-spear from bottom of candle.
    17. Affix label to the bottom of the candle.
    18. Set upright to cool for 1 hour
    19. (optional) wrap in tissue paper or clear gift-basket wrap and tie with a bow for gift-giving.

    Photos copyright All Occasions Gits.

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