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    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    Delightfully Decadent Eco-Decor: Fall & Winter Series; Leaf Rubbings & Prints

    The third in our inexpensive recycled autumn & winter crafts series for 2008 is leaf rubbings & prints.

    Ages 2+

    For this you will need paper, leaves, tempura paint, and a box of crayons.

    Make your own greeting cards, place mats, pretty art presents, photo frame matting, and/or gift wrap with freshly fallen leaves and a little creativity.

    This one is quick easy fun that can last a good long time. Simply place your leaf on the table, put the paper on top, then rub the side of a crayon across the leaf to make a rubbing.

    For a print, brush a small amount of paint onto the bottom (veigny part) of the leaf, then place the leaf where you want the design printed. Gently roll a rolling pin (or soda bottle, or can of food) over the top to make the print. You may use a paper towel or piece of scrap paper to prevent paint mess getting on the rolling device.

    Photo copyright Just Another Family

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