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    Friday, July 04, 2008

    Feliz Cuatro de Julio Fiesta!

    My most memorable fourth of July celebration was in Douglas, Arizona, when I was visiting friends. It was a fun little festival with a comforting small town feel, and that was where I tasted my first churro, and saw the Mexican hat dance preformed by a ballet dancer on pointe! It was truly an unforgettable experience.

    This year, we plan to spend a quiet day with family. A small BBQ with my mother in love and our small family, then the kids get to run off with Faith and her family to play on inflatables, ride ponies, and watch fireworks at an area church's yearly event.

    May your Independence Day celebration be warm, sunny, joyous, and safe!

    1 comment:

    lovelife said...

    hi you hope the day goes well. we will be staying home trying to move the hot tub in to place and maybe cook out if we get it moved by ourself lol

    tell the kids hi and i love you all.