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    Sunday, June 01, 2008

    Too Much Pizza & Many Great Friends Makes For Much Sleepy-Time

    Yesterday was a lot of fun, but busier than all heck.

    Well, it could have been busier if I hadn't stayed up late working again, as I ended up not going to two separate events aimed at kids celebrating spring, and sleeping in instead.

    Lucky for the girls, Faith wanted to go to the events anyway, so she graciously invited our kids along with her family.

    Afterwards, the real fun began. I had scheduled to host a pizza party at The Radish, invited a new homeschool group I just joined, Faith's family, and some dear (and nearby-ish) friends from one of the nationwide homeschool lists I participate in. There was much fun, lots of conversation, and by the end of the evening everyone had enjoyed a good time meeting new people, eating pizza and stuffed bread sticks, and more folks had discovered The Radish for the radical place it is. *smile* We ended up baking pizzas and bread sticks from 3pm to closing time, and friends brought chocolate breadsticks(YUM!) and beverages to share as well, making a very satisfying feast for all, if I do say so myself (and I do). *grin*

    The Radish even gained a donation of some coffee creamers, sugar, and artificial sweetener for their free coffee and tea they offer to everyone who visits! It's a good thing, too, as they were out when we got there at 3. Hooray for serendipity!

    Of course The Radish closes at about 9pm most evenings, so we went back home with some friends and got so caught up in conversation that we all stayed up until after midnight, sharing silly music with one another, and reminiscing over old times.

    As I was cleaning up from the evening, the police knocked on our door looking for someone we had never met. Seems like the folks who lived here before us, might not have been the greatest of folks; especially considering that we got a letter addressed to a different person from the municipal courts system earlier in that same day. Now that the gov knows those folks moved, however, I don't think we'll have the police at our door anymore. *chuckle*

    It was an amazingly great day, we got to see folks we don't get to very often, and I'm still tired today! *chuckle*

    I have just a little bit more work to do tonight, then I'm turning in early.

    Funny how good times wear a body out.

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    Rambleman said...

    As one of those families that joined in on the fun at The Radish and at your place, I'd just like to say that we had a good time visiting with friends and meeting new people. Thank you.