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    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    A Sinking Feeling

    The above photo is what greeted up in our new kitchen when we moved into our new house.

    Gross, huh?

    That's what we thought too, so we snapped a photo to show to the landlord as proof, and got to work.

    45 minutes of hard labor with my favorite cheap & natural cleaning products* later, we had the image below.
    Yep, that's right, there was so much grime on the sink, we couldn't see that the enamel had worn off the bottoms of the basins! *gag*

    So we snapped another shot, and told the landlord we just plain needed a new sink. He said that he'd be happy to install whatever sink we managed to get, so a-hunting we did go.

    With no written promise of reimbursement, however, and our tighter-than-tight budget, there weren't many places we could look. Freecycle(tm) to the rescue!

    Within hours of my wanted post to our local group, a friend of mine messaged me to let me know he had just purchased a sink from a yard sale, meeting our size requirements, in order to get the faucets and stuff off of it for his home. He didn't need the sink itself, and we could have it.

    *the crowd goes wild with cheering*

    Even better, the sink is steel, so I can finally polish a sink again, after 4 years of being deprived of my precious shiny sink**!

    Now to call the landlord and schedule the installation. *grin*

    I may not have the best landlord in the world, but my friends and community are a true blessing!

    *baking soda, vinegar, heavy-duty scrub sponge.

    **Google "Flylady" for more information on the shiny sink obsession.


    lovelife said...

    So happy that you like the new sink hope it gets put in soon.
    Was nice to have you all stop over to see us and pick stuff up.

    Rambleman said...

    Good job cleaning that. Even better that you have a replacement. Congrats!!