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    Thursday, March 06, 2008

    Weekly Weight Report

    Oh boy howdy, I'm retaining water. *sigh* Did you know that water weighs 8.33 pounds a gallon? Yeah, and I bet all that soda last week and being sickly didn't help matters any either. It was an interesting experiment, but I'm back to no soda except on special occasions for good now. I'll just have to go back to drinking juice at the club. *grin* Now that I'm on the mend from the "plague" that had been holding the nation hostage, things should get back to normal shortly.

    Starting weight (August 2007): 245lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 181lbs
    Current Weight: 187lbs
    Weekly Loss: -6lbs
    Total loss to date: 58lbs
    Weight Goal: 135
    Pounds to Loose: 52

    Keebler has surpassed his goal weight! Despite his realistic goal weight, I think he's probably going to keep on dropping pounds. Which bears to mind the question; How low, will he go?

    Starting weight (August 2007): 179lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 150lbs
    Current Weight: 137lbs
    Weekly Loss: 13lbs
    Total loss to date: 42lbs
    Weight Goal: 145
    Pounds to Loose: -8

    Do you think Keebler should set a new goal weight? He still has a bit of a belly, so it wouldn't hurt any to do so, and he'd have something else to work towards. If he does set another goal, what do you think would be a good number?

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    Rambleman said...

    Once again, CONGRATS on all that weight loss! As for Keebler, he now weighs less than I do. *smile* Can't say I know what weight would be a good 'goal' for him to strive for. I'd say whatever he feels best weighing. Keep losing it until he's satisfied (and you too).