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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Busted Pot

    When I woke up this morning, my mother was nowhere to be seen, and there was a load of... well, let's just say something, and a lot of it, was mellowing in the toilet. *gag*

    Somehow, getting the facilities repaired before she left to go spend the night at her mother's house was not something that ranked high on her list of things to be concerned with. Unfortunately for us, it ranked highly. To high heaven to be exact.

    After working with the thing for over 2 hours, we discovered that it will flush, if we use hot water from a bucket, poured directly into the bowl. We used drain cleaner, dual plungers and more, and still it doesn't work.

    Update: We fixed the toilet!


    Rambleman said...

    What the hell is wrong with that woman? That just stinks! Pun intended. LOL. Sorry, had to. Muah-ha-ha-ha. Anyway, hope it is fixed soon. *HUG*

    Anonymous said...

    maybe it was your hint to move! you seem to have stayed too long and this may be her way of asking you to leave?????

    Whimspiration said...

    Anon, we're looking to buy a house, with vigor too. *chuckle*